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  1. Oh...Well I'm not aware of having him not pester you with advice/having the sad eyes. I think that always happens? I just found the event flag for him and disabled it. I finished all the story line stuff so that was my solution to the issue.
  2. Rotem dex? Disabling him is easy. Just toggle event flag 4071 in pkHeX. Be sure to do it after that forced roto loto event in the storyline at the second Pokecenter you go to on the first island. Aside from that turning him off has no further side effects aside from not having access to minimap and the camera thing for taking photos of pokemon.
  3. That's what I figured. Looks like the horizontal values never actually seem to use all 4 bytes though. The game really limits how far I can zoom/pan. The rotation and zoom offsets seems to though. Though last byte for zoom is always 0x3D normally.
  4. Interesting. I used a value of "0xEA40" for 0x146A and got it zoomed to the right foot of the trainer. (trainer facing the camera). Hm....
  5. Hmm the horizontal offset works for me. But perhaps it doesn't work like the vertical one? I moved the camera to the right (moving the character to the left) and values started to appear in offset 0x146A. It seems higher values moves camera to the right. But to move it to the left? Maybe offset 0x1468 is used for this? I've seen data here on occasion and at one point thought it was related. Might actually be. You could try using that offset if wanting to move the camera to the right instead of the left. (default center position has offset 0x146A be all zero so can't use it to go in
  6. I found the data that stores camera position/trainer rotation of the Trainer Passport Photo in Ultra Moon. (offsets likely the same for Ultra Sun as well) It's not stored as a image. It's dynamically generated via simple camera position/rotation. All values appear to be little endian. There is probably a offset for storing what frame the idle animation should be at. Have not attempted to find that. (it's too settle a change to even bother modifying unless you zoomed into to a body part that moves around significantly) Zoom and rotation values appear to use 4 bytes. Bu
  7. I've noticed that there still isn't any ability to modify clothing items like you can with the 6th gen games. Any perticular reason for that? I noticed US/UM doesn't let me use hats with certain hair styles and would have liked to also try and unequipe the bag item. (the only remaining item you can't unequip now since they now let you remove the hat officially). Also what about customizing the player avater people see in Festival Plaza/battle menus? That looks to be dynamically generated so probably not stored as an image. But I wonder if one could modify it to use some camera angl
  8. Aww yes the missingno mons. Actually awhile back I was playing around with them with a modified build of PkHeX. Anything beyond the 2 or more above the existing range will actually crash PokeBank when you try to access the game's data if these mons are present in the boxes/party. (first mon is the battle egg you shown, the next is a bulbasuar but uses egg icon. The rest appear to be mostly bulbasuar models) This was back with the 6th gen mons. Not sure if they fixed that now. (was able to deposite "Egg" into pokebank too. This was before the 7th gen update though) Note that "E
  9. This? [ATTACH=CONFIG]13356[/ATTACH] I suppose technically it can...But it's just a bunch of numbers. I hope at some point it gets a graphical editor. No wonder no one's noticed it...Only programmers who know the object ids even have a chance of using that effectively in it's current form.
  10. Since when? I have a build from github that was I had compiled sometime this month and checked. I can't do much with secret bases. There isn't an option to edit the layout/position of objects placed in a secret base. Unless it does have that feature and I'm just not finding it?
  11. Very cool! Surprised secret bases haven't been editable directly in the save yet. But doing it via QR codes would be cool too.
  12. Oh nice. I hadn't updated PkHeX in awhile so that's a feature I was not aware of. Good to see you got it resolved.
  13. You need to have the cart it came from to have any hope of decrypting the save on your console. The cart private header used to validate the cartridge when going online is also what makes the encryption of the save unique to that cart. Without the cart you can't decrypt/transfer the save to another game. If you managed to dump a rom of your game and assuming you did it properly, it will have the private header unique to that cartridge. You'll need a flashcart like Gateway or Sky3DS and a way of injecting the encrypted save back into the rom before putting it on your flashcart. (I think there's
  14. Yeah this is an issue I was aware of too. If you are in illegal mode, you also have to change the "form number" next the form dropdown menu. It would be nice if it updated this automatically to reduce mistakes. There hasn't been many instances where I would want this number to differ from what it's supposed to be for a given form.
  15. I'm hoping you'll provide options for changing the rendering shaders/etc for displaying models in Ohana. Ohana Rebirth still doesn't display the model for me. I have an Nvidia GTX 650 with latest drivers/DirectX on Win7 64-bit, and your Ohana Rebirth program still does not show any 3D model. The BCH loads because I can see the textures when I look at the texture section. So for now I have no idea what's going on with the model when I open something.
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