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  1. Apparently there is even more data to look up : Pokémon Trades: The number of times that the player has traded Pokémon with other players. Union Trades & Battles: The number of times that the player has participated in trades and battles in the Union Room. Berry Crush: The number of times that the player has participated in the Berry Crush at the Direct Corner. Didn't know about the Berry Crush stuff, just got my Powder Jar and tried said minigame. It seems there is a Highscore and some data for this too, but I don't know how to check it. At the very least, the colors changed in the r
  2. Nope, didn't play that one (only played Y and FR). I can try to get them if you want. EDIT : Took a look at Emerald, but I have no clue of what I am supposed to do/find ^_^"
  3. Link Battles : Wins : 00002AA2 & 0000FAA2 Losses : 00002AB4 & 0000FAB4 Also : 00002AA0 & 0000FAA0 have a value of 01 in this save, and my guess is whether or not you already played once in a Link Battle so that your score would be displayed on your Trainer Card. (Still Pokémon FireRed, France) [ATTACH]13660[/ATTACH] EDIT : tried to find "amount of hatched eggs" but couldn't. Anyway, the stuff from Joyful Game Corner should be more than enough to anyone. Everything else can be abused pretty easily on emulators (Gameshark/Save Editors/Savestates/Single Computer 2 players LAN..
  4. Sounds good. I will try to find other stuff while I'm at it and will upload my savefile with it as the offsets seem to vary.
  5. I've downloaded PKXDelta for Windows 64, but couldn't find the feature. Is it supposed to be in the "Wireless Minigame Records" ? Cause mine is empty :
  6. Thanks for the input. Alright, will do. Gonna also try to find other stuff if I can
  7. Hi, Backstory : on my way to 100% FireRed, I've hit a wall with Trainer Card's stars. In order to obtain the 4th Star, one must beat the Joyful Game Corner : Pokémon Jump and Dodrio Berry Picking. While the former can be done on VBA, I couldn't find a way for the latter, so I used ArtMoney in order to hack the score and it worked just fine : Now : Since I have yet to see a Gen III FR/LG save editor which allows to hack the scores on these games, I'd like to help developers implementing such features. Problem is, I have no clue of what I am doing. I have some experience with PS1 save hackin
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