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  1. I've been looking at how Stadium 1 (japanese) stores registered pokémon, and they are copies of the GB format. They are at the beggining of the savefile there, so most likely stadium 2 does the same? I'll look into that when I finish messing with the jap game, maybe get a pk1 conversion tool for them.
  2. suloku

    Mew Glitch

    I read somewhere (interview?) that they considered fixing bugs, but then decided that people would like to have the same experience as the original, bugs and glitches included (this already happened with the OOT remake, were they deliverately kept non game breaking glitches for people to still be able to "enjoy" them). But I feel like for these games it's just an excuse....not that I'm complaining.
  3. But magnemite was obtainable via Dream World, so you can have the line with hidden ability and tutors, unless you are against injecting the pokémon into entralink forest, in that case the only option left would be to get a savegame of someone who legitimately obtained one and still hasn't retrieved it from the forest. Imho, injecting pokémon (that were originally available in dream world) to entralink forest falls into the legit (or was it legal...?) realm, since the generated pokémon won't be different from the real deal, so what would be lost is hidden grotto location. I feel like the easiest and shortest would be an AR code to change the pokémon that appears in the stunky/glameow mission, maybe we can even take advantage of the fact that the same mission in different versions has a different pokémon.
  4. It's a pitty those seem to be lost, maybe they really are in the rom or something could be done injecting a modified stunky mission directly to ram... Maybe it would be easier to modify a rom to have the special missions recreated. EDIT: or just patch a rom to change hidden grotto encounter tables to be able to catch the funfest exclusive HA pokémon anytime (coupled with my grotto editor to force the encounters) In any case I've just checked and there's nothing lost regarding hidden abilities (if we count my entralink editor as a valid way to get the dream world pokémon), only location loss (since we can't get them on a hidden grotto), something that magneton suffers the most, since it's genderless and can't pass hidden ability, unlicke the others, which could be caught as female for breeding.
  5. Oh true, I forgot about those eggs (again, tied to shininess). And I just remembered it's a pitty the website holding the scripts is not up anymore to have the original japanese ones (for eggs and celebi event)
  6. Do they get random DV? I guess it's the case, for what I know they only bothered to fix DV for shiny gyarados encounter on gen 2 (wich is a different encounter type, and you can't scape).
  7. Sorry if that was confusing, I'll edit the first post to clarify. In any case, it's rather easy to get the savegame via soundhax. @andrewmyles I totally forgot this is the recommended (as of now) more up to date guide both for homebrew booting and cfw installing: https://3ds.guide/
  8. @Purin is there any chance it was actually stored in the DLC region of the savegame but became "locked" after one use but still stored in the savegame? Maybe you still have some save dump with the last mission you downloaded? If it was stored in the save, maybe there would be a way to re-activate it via save/ram editing. In any other case, let's hope the distro device was a NDS cartridge that eventually pops up... EDIT: I'm actually a little confused about how the eeveelutions hidden grotto funfest missions actually worked in the first place. You donloaded the mission and each one would change the pokémon found in the grotto? From what I read it seems there were several kinds of special funfest missions, one of the being the "Find Pokémon" mission, which had one of the eeveelutions, which was changed at different dates. They are probably the same structure as the missions found in the game (i.e. the one that triggers stunky/glameow to be in the grotto). I guess these will probably be gone for good... I'm also seeing there was a mission with chansey and some others. Was there any special funfest mission that allowed to catch a pokemon that would otherwise have it's hidden ability unavailable? That's probably the most relevant question in the end. EDIT2: also, maybe it's like gen 3 WC scripts and special funfest mission prototypes are to be found in the roms?
  9. I see a problem here: this glitch is only possible due to using a savefile initialized as japanese in a different region cartridge, so I'm not sure if it can be considered a glitch as this behaviour would be impossible without save file manipulation, but quite interesting nonetheless.
  10. Not tested on gen 3, but recent gen 1 events are made so you can't nickname them even with soft reset TID/OT combination. They should have checked for this in pokétransporter imho, I was actually very surprised they didn't since they bothered doing it for the gen 1 games. Also, the fly/teleport glitch is easy, but still requires some proper setup (needs the correct trainer). I'm gonna bring another point up: gamefreak isn't too strict with their legality checking: should we just state their standars as what is legal and accept generated pokémon that we know are impossible to get but GF allows in the PGL (i.e. a gen 3 old sea map mew not obtained in a japanese game, which can also be accessed with elaborate glitches and will get all the way to gen 7 with no problem, or so I've been told). EDIT: also, there's the "problem" that pokétransporter messed up shininess for gen 1, if they fix it in gen 2 (if they ever release them) there would be two shiny dv spreads for gen1->7 and only one for gen2->7. I don't have the skills to produce all gen 1 possible dv spreads, also, in yellow they should be a little different due to different timing in the code (or so I read). I think it would be great to have full possible dv spreads for each species for gen 1, but I also understand it would be a tremendous work that would not really make much a difference.
  11. 3DS stores data on the SD card, but this data is encrypted and the only way to decrypt it is using the 3DS itself. You need to run homebrew on your 3DS to get a copy of the decrypted savedata on your SD card. I suggerst finding a tutorial about how to run homebrew and then using jksavemanager to get your savefile. As of 3DS system software 11.3 the best method for this is Soundhax+homebrew launcher. If you are on 11.2 or below you can use that method too, but you may want to consider installing a custom firmware (which is not possible on 11.3). Project pokémon is not really focused on 3DS "hacking", so I suggest looking information about the process elsewhere, there are plenty tutorials in youtube and other sites (but be sure to use an up to date tutorial, 3ds scene has change a lot in the last years and old tutorials won't work or may even risk your 3DS).
  12. Stadium 1 and 2 (international) has a LCRNG, I don't think it has the recently discovered limitations like the gameboy games, but keep in mind that STADIUM pokémon are gifted with a different catch rate so they have the Normal Box or Gorgeous Box items, so they were thinking in gen 2 when they coded the game, so it may be possible that some restriction is in place to prevent shiny DVs. It seems Pocket Monsters Stadium (gonna call that the original jap stadium 1) doesn't have gift pokémon (I didn't find anything regarding those). Some months ago I posted n64 savegames with each of the gift pokémon, so they can be easily received to a GB savegame with the proper emulator setup. They work with any language version, but propper RE would be the best to see if they can be shiny. By the way, I've been working on a jpk1 exporter for the Pocket Monsters Stadium rom, I might turn it into a full editor at a later point. I just need to get the character encoding map, which might be a little difficult as I'm mostly try and error with the UCS encoding as reference and I don't have a clue about how to try finding the actual full encoding in the rom (probably dumping the full font textures would help, but I already tried and each character has its own texture and I'm not really into rom hacking to try finding them all to see which characters the game supports).
  13. The VC local wireless does even use standard comuniaction protocols? I recall older pokémon games using custom ones for local trading, but I agree global trading with chat rooms would be possible, or even just a box to input IP... but so difficult to implement. They could have added an alternative box managing system to the emulator, but they didn't (that's something I wished to happen). What I still have my hopes on is that they release celebi as an event. There's an easy way to do this, but I don't think they'll be doing it: 1.- Have special download codes for the people "wining" the event 2.- The code downloads an app from the store 3.- When the app is run, you can select a crystal game in the console and enable the celebi event. That would work, but I highly doubt we'll be seeing this, they'll just go for trade distro again if they ever do this. The celebi event is just a flag, when it's enabled you'll start the gs ball events after exiting the pokémon center in My opinion is that the original distro was probably just a script uploaded to the server that the game would download and execute, a script I guess was only enabling that flag, in the same way the egg events were reproduced a while ago at glitchcity forums by hacky, but unfortunately the download links are long gone (even though we could have downloaded the files when they were online with a computer, if we knew the address).
  14. UPDATE: Added registered teams structure I've been researching a little Japanese pokémon stadium 1 (the japanese only game, do not confuse with stadium 2 which is international stadium 1). Also, I've been looking at the rom searching for the trainers and their pokémon. They are easy to find, but they seem to use a different character encoding. I'm hoping registered pokémon use that different encoding, so I'm able to map it...unless there's an easier way to do it, I'm not feeling like registering 6x42 nicknamed pokémon to get the n64 japanese map. Update: registered and stored pokémon use the GB character encoding, only pokémon in the ROM seem to use the n64 encoding, which I think it's a variant of UCS, characters are two bytes, the first one seems to be "always" 0xA5, if anyone recognizes the encoding it would help a lot. Stadium 1 (JAP) Registered Teams ---------------- 0x00000 Registered team 1 0x00128 Registered team 1 backup Each registered team is 294 bytes, 294*2 (588) bytes with the backup. There's a total of 16 slots for team registers, so registered teams go from 0x00 to 0x24FF. Team structure: 0x000: Unknown, seems to always be 0x0001 for all teams 0x002: OT name from the save that registered the team (6 bytes) 0x008: OT ID# from the save that registered the team (2 bytes) (+ 0x50 terminator?) 0x00B-0x012 Unknown (padding?) 0x013: Number of pokémon in the team (1-6) 0x014 Pokémon slot #1* 0x041 Pokémon slot #2* 0x06E Pokémon slot #3* 0x09B Pokémon slot #4* 0x0C8 Pokémon slot #5* 0x0F5 Pokémon slot #6* 0x122 Register team 1 "POKE" footer 0x126 Register team 1 checksum * Pokémon struct is 45 bytes, same structure as n64 boxes, see below for reference N64 Boxes --------- 0x2500 First Box block 0x2513 Number of pokémon in n64 box 1 0x2514 First pokémon in n64 box 1 0x2A5A Footer "POKE" (0x504F4B45) 0x2A5E Checksum (additive UByte 8 bit checksum for the whole block, 0x2500-0x25A5D) All boxes share the same structure, they are 0x560 bytes long (1376). I still need to locate the offsets for the other boxes. Also, there seems to be backup blocks for each box in case it gets corrupted. Each pokémon is 45 bytes long (00 to 0x20 is the same structure as GameBoy, then comes Nickname and OT as this game doesn't use pokémon lists apparently): 0x00 Index number of the Species 1 byte 0x01 Current HP 2 bytes 0x03 Level 1 byte 0x04 Status condition 1 byte 0x05 Type 1 1 byte 0x06 Type 2 1 byte 0x07 Catch rate/Held item 1 byte 0x08 Index number of move 1 1 byte 0x09 Index number of move 2 1 byte 0x0A Index number of move 3 1 byte 0x0B Index number of move 4 1 byte 0x0C Original Trainer ID number 2 bytes 0x0E Experience points 3 bytes 0x11 HP EV data 2 bytes 0x13 Attack EV data 2 bytes 0x15 Defense EV data 2 bytes 0x17 Speed EV data 2 bytes 0x19 Special EV data 2 bytes 0x1B IV data 2 bytes 0x1D Move 1's PP values 1 byte 0x1E Move 2's PP values 1 byte 0x1F Move 3's PP values 1 byte 0x20 Move 4's PP values 1 byte 0x21 Nickname 6 bytes 0x27 OT 6 bytes Note: Nickname and OT seem to be stored in the same character encoding as the gameboy games, but the game seems to change some invalid characters to 7F when transfering. Pokémon in the rom, such as trainer pokémon use a different character encoding.
  15. I did compile 0.3 as cia at some later point, not sure why I didn't add it to the release package (probably because not many people had access to custom firmware back then). I'll update the download file to include the cia: https://github.com/suloku/pdrpse/releases/tag/0.3 EDIT: I remembered why I didn't release the cia: I built it as test, removing the standard 3dsx code and I wanted to merge sources to be able to build both the cia and 3dsx, but never got to do that. I may just upload the modified source for the cia, I don't think this will be getting any updates.
  16. That's what I meant: that anything "standard" given by the bank needs a re-usable slot so the game can receive it, which is what the old pokemon link was. It even had some flags to prevent receiving some pokémon again (ORAS Glalie/steelix). By the way, I have 2 years worth of BP in the bank, does the update preserve them or I've just lost all those points? (I can't access my 3ds until sunday).
  17. Well, the seeds and the program are available, so basically anyone with a powerful enough computer can get them. Still, 9 out of 65535 seems pretty rare to me, but I agree anyone can access the original event, if they want the shiny version it's not really a problem with the propper tools.
  18. It prevents nicknaming the Mew in the case someone gets "by chance" the same OT and TID, but I really thought they would check the whole string, just like the game does. Of course the chance to make a glitch mew pass without any save editing requires soft reseting for a 1/65535 chance for the correct ID and even then it will came out as a "legal" gen 7 mew for what they care, unless you happen to get shiny DVs, that is. Would they ban such a mew? It can be certainly adquired on unmodified console trough glitches (and patience) or arbitrary code execution.
  19. This makes a lot of sense, as they removed Pokémon Link in favor to wondercards, but they still need a way to give items/battepoints endlessly. Pokémon will probably have a propper wondercard I guess. It's kinda like gen 3 egg wondercards (could be received multiple times as long as you "tossed" them and got another).
  20. Gen 3 gba games legendaries aren't shiny locked, but good luck getting them shiny without rng abuse.
  21. The mew in the event file is a pk1 from the party. Did you just dump it into a box with pkhex? That's probably the problem, pkhex doesn't seem to correctly replicate what the gen 1 games do when moving in and out boxes. Gen 1 structure has a redundant level byte when on the party, and the byte used when in box storage is set to 0x00 whenever the pokemon is on the party. Also, why is the jap mew from the event file at level 100? Shouldn't the file better be your level 5 mew? (btw, the jap mew in the event file is in "boxed" state). Also, anyone checked if there's any sign in the transporter for the gen 2 games title IDs? ps: I hope they fix the gen 2 shiny thing, for consistency, even though they only need to do so if gen 2 is released. ps2: I wish they would have added gen 4 transfer support so we could skip a transfer step.
  22. It should be noted that pokéstock can mimic Dream Radar transfer system to BW2, you may just use them on a BW2 savefile and get the pokémon. Here's a guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonrng/comments/2ezvry/guide_pokestock_entralink_and_dream_radar/ Since pokestock is a closed source japanese tool, I intend to research this so it can be added to pkhex and everyone can enjoy dream radar pokémon without actually having a 3ds or dream radar. Whoops, should have answered this like a long time ago: any entrypoint that loads the hombrew browser will work. You may use jksavemanager or svdt to get the savegame. As of now soundhax is the entrypoint to use.
  23. Oh, I see, but we have the seeds, so if there are really only 9 seeds I'll just go and generate them next week (if no one has already done so by the time). The 9 shiny ones will always be the same, so in this case I think it would be best to just have them as pkm files rather than going trough all the save preparation + connectivity. The program seems to be intented to be used with new save files anyways (and then you just trade it to your main save...so in this case injecting the pkm directly is just saving time).
  24. Wait, so they added the OT extra bytes for nothing? They don't check the full string? Does this apply to the JAP mew too? They really messed up, even the Gen 1 original events had those extra bytes in OT to prevent nicknaming. That means that IF the transporter shiny DV spread is possible (that damn GB RNG...), it would technically be possible to get a shiny mew via the glitch that can be transported. Of course, it would still be from the glitch, so not really legit but... ps: I'm pretty sure HaxAras was referring that the only shiny legit mew is the JAP one from Emerald's Old Sea Map event.
  25. I've just stomped this: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonrng/comments/5ny1el/scripts_and_guide_to_help_automate_rnging_a_shiny/ It's a program that helps in making a legit savegame that has a shiny jirachi checksum, which is kind of cool. Maybe it's time to just upload all possible shiny jirachis from the bonus disk? It would certainly be a lot easier, and since they are limited... EDIT: I think the 9 only(?) possible shiny jirachis are already here (and they've been for a long time): https://sites.google.com/site/kaphotics/resources Seed: 0x353d, PID: 0xba7df435, Nature: Bashful, HP: 24, AT: 3, DF: 30, SA: 12, SD: 16, SP: 11 Seed: 0xf500, PID: 0xc90e8744, Nature: Careful, HP: 10, AT: 0, DF: 10, SA: 10, SD: 26, SP: 12 Seed: 0xecdd, PID: 0x987ed636, Nature: Docile, HP: 19, AT: 7, DF: 10, SA: 19, SD: 10, SP: 16 Seed: 0x9359, PID: 0xbcfaf2b0, Nature: Hasty, HP: 3, AT: 12, DF: 12, SA: 7, SD: 11, SP: 9 Seed: 0xcf37, PID: 0x7b053548, Nature: Jolly, HP: 11, AT: 8, DF: 6, SA: 14, SD: 5, SP: 20 Seed: 0x7236, PID: 0x2ec1608d, Nature: Lonely, HP: 31, AT: 23, DF: 26, SA: 29, SD: 18, SP: 5 Seed: 0xa030, PID: 0x4633087d, Nature: Naughty, HP: 21, AT: 31, DF: 31, SA: 18, SD: 24, SP: 19 Seed: 0x7360, PID: 0xbf98f1d5, Nature: Serious, HP: 29, AT: 10, DF: 31, SA: 25, SD: 23, SP: 21 Seed: 0x3d60, PID: 0xeb0da543, Nature: Timid, HP: 15, AT: 28, DF: 29, SA: 3, SD: 0, SP: 7
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