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  1. I can't remember, are all dv combinstions for shiny mew possible or is it locked to a fixed shiny dv? (I recall celebi not being shiny locked, the machine determined normal/shiny/shiny mew, then start rerrolling if shiny?)
  2. Thank you very much for this contribution. As someone who never got a legit mew or celebi myself back in the day (got traded a most likely glitched/sharked one), it is always a joy to see more of these rare mew getting preserved, and the feeling of getting yet another one (and an european one to say the least!) is still as fresh as with the first one.
  3. You can use the english events, in fact we have reports from mexico, were the games were sold in english and the event there was held in english, that it could be received in spanish cartridges (the event being still in english). The reason is because mexican people often imported spanish language games from europe. We also tested this with a different event rom. Only incompatibility is japanese<->other languages.
  4. Did you use any kind of cheatcodes at any point?
  5. It was on pokémon stadium 2 and gen 2. 0 catch rate due to item used/removed, nicknamed due to a "bug"(?) in stadium 2 (and I think stadium 1, but I have yet to test it) not reading the full name, but stopping at the first 0x50 terminator. When pokemon comes back to the GB cartridge data present alredy in the box/party gets "added" to the remaining characters. This doesn't happen with OT. EDIT: also, YaniM told me that the mew had been in stadium 2 and gold before I even asked about it. When trasnfered to gen 2 mew holds a bitter berry. The mew was used and brought up to level 100, being
  6. So coincidental this has been brought back. I already made all those calculations some years ago and also came to the conclusion that the NINTEN mew in the picture did not have the standard DVs. Only piece of evidence I have is in this thread at Azure-Heights, the information being in the second post made by MewtwoSama: https://www.math.miami.edu/~jam/azure/forum/tuff/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000106 User ryuko2002 (who has recently contributed de Spanish EUROPE and australian NAL mews) was registered there, I asked him to reach MewtwoSama in the hopes he still has the
  7. Just realized I forgot to post the translation of the letter.... here it goes
  8. You can use dolphin emulator if your wii isn't homebrew able to decript bin savefiles. Pkhex doesn't support my pokémon ranch? I saw something in the code one or two weeks ago and thought it was supported, but never got to test it. EDIT: I decripted it for you using dolphin (needs a nand to be created, either by installing a wii OS wad or any wad at all). Gonna try extracting the mons too (time to remember how to use my own program lol) EDIT 2: pkhex supports my pokémon ranch, so just drag and drop the savedata.bin file onto it. Be careful though, any pokémon marked as il
  9. I do not have the rights to remove the savefiles, but here are the pk1 files of your mews, if you want to remove the savegames from your posts. 151 - MEW - 32BC.pk1 151 - MEW - 45B6.pk1 151 - MEW - D578.pk1
  10. Well, many people trasfered to gen 2 for dex filling, and batteries from gen 2 carts are long dead. Also, not so many people that have kept playing pokemon over the years were able to attend the events, and even less are interested in adquiring the hardware or sending the cartridge back and forth. Until I started contacting people over the internet there was only a single mew that had been dumped on the internet. Over the years several more have been dumped, but for example Celebi due to the only ones being available are those stored in pokémon stadium 2 is even more elusive, only having those
  11. Thank you very much for the contribution! The ones in the daycare seem to be clones form the one in the box 1 with ID 17926. I do have a couple questions: 1.- Is there any chance the 17926 Mew has been deposited in pokémon stadium 2 at some point? 2- The mew in the blue cart you mention is a clone of one in the red savegame you uploaded? If it's not, even if it is at level 42, if the ID is different it is still interesting for preservation, as the number of UK mews preserved would ammount to 3. Again, thank you very much for the contribution!
  12. Due to the nature of Gen 1 to 7 Mew transfer, there really isn't much that would be changed. I recall ID also being needed, not just OT. GF didn't even prohibit that mew being shiny, in fact the only shiny mew that can exist is a Japanese gen 3 mew, but the GTS has been full of hacked shiny mew... We all be glad if you can upload them. On a personal note, I prefer the savegame being uploaded rather than the pk1 file. If you don't mind uploading it, I would appreciate it. In any case any contribution is awesome!
  13. There's one there, use pkhex and drop it onto a swsh savegame, afaik conversion should be the same as HOME.
  14. As Deoxyz said we always welcome more preservation, even if gen 1 mews all had the same DVs. If you don't have the hardware to dump we can provide info on dumping devices if you are willing to adquire one, or maybe you'd be interested to send your cart over to someone to dump it for you and then return it.
  15. I've been running some tests and I did find out stadium 2 does not store the full pokémon name, either when boxing or when registering. I've updated the first post with this information. It seems Stadium 2 never actually stores the "full" name of the pokémon. The name is stored only until a 0x50 terminator is found. This makes depositing the pokémon in stadium 2 become "nicknamed". This doesn't make any actual different, but on the GBC games this wouldn't happen as the game seems to keep copying the bytes 0x50 bytes. Because pokémon data in boxes in the GB games isn't actually erased but
  16. Just seen both videos. I actually saw this thread last week but I thought it was for gen 3 only...and I've just now realized it also harvored long lost gen 2 content. As axpj said, a dream come true. Confirmation of shiny celebi, DV being randomly generated with shiny probability being separated, and even knowing shiny mew was actually available and the only known gen 2 mew distribution! Really amazing job, thank you very much, I've been years puzzled by those questions. Edit: I was just thinking...IF DVs are randomly generated when the pokemon is already set to not be a
  17. I'd suggest removing all other "fake" pkm files of this mew, to avoid confusion. The one posted above contains the full data found in the savegame. Even though corrupt, the mew data was intact and I can confirm it matches a mew machine distribution. The mew has been in gold/stadium 2, so it doesn't hold the item anymore.
  18. Thanks for your reply! I see some conflicting ones there: I don't have darumaka with zen mode, but I have it refistered. Maybe it was registered in my gen 6/7 national dex in bank. For furfrow, I did have to add the trims to gen 7, then transfer from bank. Still puzzled anout the 1346/7 entries in seitch version. Adding the 91 male/female versions to the 1250 list from mobile adds up to 1341...which forms is switch counting and mobile not? Edit: joe merrick uploaded a living form dex, I think it misses male/female though: hoopa unbound is able to be HOMEd
  19. Hello, I'm a little cobfused about how HOME manages the form dex, and it beung different in movile and switch doesn't help. Switch national dex view lists 1346 entries total (i think with original color magearna that is 1347). Mobile view lists 1250 entries. Why? I think it might be male/female gender differences being counted as forms in switch version and not in mobile. In any case, if anyone has a checklist of pokemon forms that can actually be stored in bank/home it would really be helpful. The only ones I haven't really bothered are male/female, but I might be m
  20. For me pokedex updated randimly...or so it would seem
  21. It is, I searched and edites my previous post, seems you did the same thing while I was editing it The flag for WISHMKR Jirachi on the savefile: Block 0x04, offset 0x2B1. 0x00 = not received; 0x01 = received. I don't remember if the flag is shared with channel Jirachi...I recall that being the case, but I'm not really sure right now. It can certainly be easily added to pkhex, but my laptop died two weeks ago and don't have a working setup to make a pull request right now. ps: if you are trying to get the shiny ones there are only 9, there's a rng thread on reddit very informati
  22. I recall writing a single app for this....it ahoul be somewhere on the forums Edit: I suggest reading the whole thread
  23. Also, the european celebi tour used the same truck across all countries, so the celebi are the same for all europe. I supose they used the proper language version of stadium 2 on the tournament, I've asked cloud_strife8 about the language of the CTOUR celebi cartridge. I recall a person from germany I contacted tellong me his was a german one, so I guess they prepared the carts with the language of the country the tour was in. I'll post a translation of the letter later this afternoon, it's quite interesting.
  24. Sorry for the late response, what were you trying to edit when the error occured?
  25. It's always awesome to see any of these "expirable" events getting preserved, lots of thanks!
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