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  1. I am having an issue with daily events not progressing in a save file where I am deep into the road for getting five trainer card stars so naturally I don’t want to start over someone told me it was in the first few 0x90 lines but that doesn’t seem to be correct, unless I am interpreting something wrong. any help?
  2. Yeah I just ended up doing what I suggested. I don’t like the idea of an unsecured network but I didn’t know that you could limit the amount of devices that get connected to it. thanks for the thread
  3. WiFi hotspot as in using your phone? I tried to do that but iPhones don’t have WEP/no password options
  4. I’ll bump this as it is an interesting question. Hey man, it’s the same DNS server. However, you have to create a new profile when you enter the WiFi Club. Tht means your pal pad will be reset
  5. re: creating a no security guest WiFi Wouldn’t you ideally make it hidden so you don’t have to manually set it on or off all the time but don’t have to worry about someone using it?
  6. It doesn’t allow you to dump it at all? I have the R4i Save Dongle and I’ve had some issues with my file getting corrupted I’ve chalked it down to not pressing OK when the file is done copying to the cartridge. Every time I’m 100% sure it’s finish writing data and press the OK when it’s finished I haven’t had issues until recently
  7. here is it. thanks for the help. hopefully my file will be fixed platinum.sav
  8. Thanks a lot man. I’ll get to it in the morning. I’ve been using my phone and don’t want to get on the computer right now.
  9. Yeah I already did that about 3-4 days ago. I tried every trick I could find including setting the days forward in addition to putting my time at 11:55 or 11:56 i really think something just got corrupted in my save file. My first party Pokémon was glitched out and I merely replaced it with a copy of the data from an earlier backup file from PKHex, and it seemed to work fine. I’m guessing other things went wrong besides my first Pokémon being corrupted.
  10. Cart on DS. I’m transferring with a save dongle, and I’ve had a couple of instances where the save file has gotten corrupted
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