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  1. here is it. thanks for the help. hopefully my file will be fixed platinum.sav
  2. Thanks a lot man. I’ll get to it in the morning. I’ve been using my phone and don’t want to get on the computer right now.
  3. Yeah I already did that about 3-4 days ago. I tried every trick I could find including setting the days forward in addition to putting my time at 11:55 or 11:56 i really think something just got corrupted in my save file. My first party Pokémon was glitched out and I merely replaced it with a copy of the data from an earlier backup file from PKHex, and it seemed to work fine. I’m guessing other things went wrong besides my first Pokémon being corrupted.
  4. Cart on DS. I’m transferring with a save dongle, and I’ve had a couple of instances where the save file has gotten corrupted
  5. Long story short, my Platinum save file does not keep track of time correctly. I keep getting the “please visit tomorrow” message for every daily event for a week now my save got corrupted at one point - unrelated to PKHex I believe - and I guess whatever got corrupted messed up the in game time. I want to create a new save file that is a replica on PKHex but I know the way I am, I’ll mess up somewhere or miss something especially on event flags or something like that //---multi post merged, please don't do it again. Use the edit button when necessary.---// Also, I understand that Accessory/contest item editing hasn’t been implemented because it is “undocumented” how would it be documented? I figure it hasn’t been implemented simply because it’s so insignificant, not because it’s difficult, on account of all the editing options available
  6. Ahh, thanks a ton. I saw that while Googling but since I didn’t see any reply to it, I figured it wouldn’t be fixed. As you can tell I’m not too familiar with how all this works.
  7. How would I fix this? There’s almost nothing available on GSC trash bytes
  8. Whenever I tried to apply trash bytes it says "Trash byte layer is hidden by current text Current bytes 6 Layer Bytes 1" and when I try to do the Nickname trash bytes the Current Bytes is 10, and Layer remains 1 Do you know what the deal is?
  9. Nice! is there anywhere else I can read about it instead of just badgering you with questions? Now I’m interested in learning why the language is Japanese among other things
  10. Ahh, and Gen 2 trash bytes were so insane (and easily Nuked iirc) that it was not even worth trying to implement, right?
  11. Reading this reminds that when I generate a Pokémon, even though I have the correct name, gender, and ID, the Name Changer detects it as a trade (or something) and does not allow a name change however if I generate the exact same Pokémon but turn it into an egg, and hatch it in the same area, level, and time, I can change the nickname through the Name Rater, so on top of this undiscovered IR flag issue, it seems there’s also a flag for caught/hatched Pokémon that is not yet implemented in PkHex when generating pokemon
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