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  1. Thanks! X and Y are pretty sweet. Not really into hacking Pokemon anymore but I still play the game. Just wanted to see how my old website was doing :kikkoman:
  2. Wolfenstein 3D! The demo version, though.
  3. The Slim looks like a good purchase to me, but I'd really have liked to see the return of backwards compatibility and those awesome card slots the 60GB/original 80GB PS3 had. The lack of Linux support makes it unusable for things like cracking SSL, and hopefully the lack of officially sanctioned homebrew will motivate hackers to start trying to run some code on the PS3. :creep:
  4. Funny story about this one. Fallen and I posted separate articles for the same story at almost precisely the same time (within the same 2:38 EST minute), each not knowing the other was posting a story. Fallen deleted his because he posted it seconds later but I incorporated the information missing from mine (the source link and the World Championships stuff) and modified the author field. :grog:
  5. No$GBA depends more on your CPU speed than anything. To increase quality slightly, try changing the renderer in the settings to "nocash" if it's currently set to OpenGL and turning down the sound quality.
  6. WebKit doesn't support percentage scaling of images, which is deprecated anyway. I'll fix that.
  7. Did it. Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks to Greencat for looking the stuff up. We actually had a similar thing on the old phpBB forums, but only for friend codes. I condensed it into a primary Pokemon friend code and then a text field for other friend codes, as well as an Xbox Live gamertag field, PSN field, and a Steam field. Did I cover all the major ones? http://projectpokemon.org/forums/profile.php?do=editprofile
  8. I think the Radeon 3xxx series will work well with Call of Duty 4. You won't be able to turn the settings all the way up, so lower your resolution and settings if it isn't smooth initially.
  9. Let me explain: the whole thing was intended as an April Fool's joke until that Gengar distributor came and basically turned up the heat. You have to understand that after the Gengar we couldn't really admit that it was a joke. Actually, the Database is down right now, so you'll have to take our word for it: we didn't blame Bulbanews directly. We said that the poster that was posted on Bulbanews was fake, effectively blaming QuickAttack/ourselves (but nobody knew at the time). Although some of us were involved in the "plot" to distribute the Eevee, the staff of Project Pokemon did not fabricate the fake poster. We use Bulbanews as a source of information, and we use Bulbapedia regularly ourselves. Pokesav.org linked to Bulbapedia for the longest time. We have no problem with you guys, we think what you've done for the Pokemon community is really awesome. We're not going to delete this thread. The talk page conversation in which you "catch" fenzo was up for a while. Although we generally don't like people registering just to make a statement, for obvious reasons, we hope you come back here from time to time. We're not going to silence or censor you. I'm not a lawyer, but the following paragraph is from my experience: The guy who distributed the Gengar (if the arrested person was indeed the person who distributed it) might get prosecuted for hate crimes at the most, but I really doubt it. Most likely, though, the prick probably just got his flash cart and/or DS confiscated, as it contained an illegally copied ROM. Nintendo might have had grounds to sue him, but I can safely say that distributing a Pokemon over wireless communication can't warrant criminal penalties at all, especially when it wasn't interfering with any other wireless communications. We don't have any illegal or copyrighted material on this site beyond what we can justify with fair use, just like Bulbapedia, Serebii, or any other Pokemon fansite does. Our ROM editors, Pokesav, etc. don't originate from Nintendo but we will remove them if Nintendo asks us to. Most of it is code written by us. Fair use goes for the events, which we believe are insubstantial enough to distribute freely - which we will also remove if Nintendo asks us to.
  10. http://projectpokemon.org/games/platinum/battlefrontier.php has been updated with the various rewards you can get from the Platinum Battle Frontier. Thanks to pokemonfan for bringing this to our attention and compiling the list while doing so :kikkoman:!
  11. You have been a great friend, staff member, and member of this community, SatoshiX. You've had a long history with this community - you were one of the first members to join, and you've been a loyal supporter of Pokesav.org, then Project Pokemon for a long time. I remember when you were one of the first mods back on the Pokesav.org forums, an invisible "pseudomod" protecting us from spam attacks after the Secure incident (that certainly brings back memories). You did your job well then, and since that time, you've been an active member and vigilant staff member for our community. Because of this, I regret the circumstances that have caused you to leave lately. Good luck in your future endeavors, satoshiX. Although you won't be as active as before, we hope you'll hang around here from time to time. :grog: Bye SatoshiX!
  12. Remember, we aren't just about Pokesav anymore. I'm going to say we're going to get to it eventually, but don't expect a legacy Pokedex in the foreseeable future.
  13. I suppose a client side one would not use many resources on our part. A server side save editor would stress the server too much, especially if there's a lot of people using it at once. However, as SCV said, the research team is already working on a cross-platform Pokesav replacement (to come before Pokemod, which seems to become more long term now because of its awesome goals :grog:).
  14. Maybe they didn't want people using it for competitive play...
  15. If you have the money, and Pal Park isn't really important, then get a DSi. It's a nice update, especially with the menu and all the extras. Plus there are rumors of HG/SS having exclusive DSi features.
  16. Does the G6 Real work with Platinum? I thought it was Diamond and Pearl only.
  17. Nintendo has no presence in North Korea. The restriction on interaction between Korean games and other region games is likely due to the fact that the other games cannot display Korean characters. Even if you import a Korean PKM file into another region game, it will display gibberish.
  18. wraith89 has been promoted to Moderator of the 4th Generation Pokemon Games section. Congratulations!
  19. Yeah, thepokemod.com should probably become obsolete. Argh, all those domain names cost money.
  20. Dealextreme is where you want to go for cheap and cool stuff, not fast shipping. It took at least two weeks for the delivery (without their EMS service). Maybe they've sped it up since last year, but I am not sure.
  21. To translate the newer versions of Pokesav into English, I just opened the executable in Visual Studio 2008. It lets me edit any aspect of the window. I tried Resource Hacker before, but it messed up the fonts. The actual data in the drop down lists and variables had to be hex edited in, but this was not done by me. It was done by CadaGuti (0.06d) and fenzo666 (0.40c).
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