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  1. Thank you for submitting these!! I did notice Card #12 and #13 is Munchlax. One of them fake?
  2. To make it legal you need to know the location it was caught and the trash data. For events the trash data hasn't really been discussed publicly. For in-game it is dependent on gameplay.
  3. PKHex isn't to give you more cheating options. And it is a shitload of work to add all of PokeFinder or RngReporter into PKHex.
  4. RNGReporter and PokeFinder can do it. It might not be easy to use sorry.
  5. The save game for Mystery Mew was clearly hacked. And since we provide a download of a save with all of the Mew, it isn't hard to believe that someone would simply flash the save game to a cart and sell it. It's been going on for years. As for being legit, there is no way to tell the difference between a legit redeemed mew from the event and one trade from a cart off eBay.
  6. I was an admin on pokecheck so when it came back up I tried to download/save as many legal looking gen 3 pokemon as possible. Not much out there that I could definitively determine was legal though. And most were not public so I can't distribute them anyways.
  7. I have never seen a Stamp Pichu or Absol surface. For multiple reasons I can't outright believe the circulated Gen 4 versions. Judging by the timing and what we know of the code we expect it to be a variant of negaiboshi Jirachi or 5th anniv eggs. At the time, this would mean the actual event Pokemon would seem illegal since they would not have conformed to known PID/IV combinations. This means it is possible that they were discarded as hacks. That is if they were ever even traded or cloned. Only 300 or less were distributed so we don't expect any to surface. Sorry EDIT: I have a few from pokecheck but no way to verify them. They follow the standard wishmaker algorithm just like the Gen 4 ones that circulated in 2007. Again not sure if that is the real algorithm so not much we can do.
  8. The info is scattered and sometimes people misremember since it was so long ago. As for the IVs, all events after the first Japanese release had the same IVs.
  9. 1998 was MARIO and 1999 was YOSHIRA/YOSHIBA/YOSHIRB/YOSHIBB. I don't see the problem? For anyone wondering, the OT is YOSHI, and Red/Blue machines A/B. EDIT: Looks like from the tweet the issue is the 1998 issue. I bet he is either referencing the wrong issue, or is remembering wrong and got it on the North America Tour. Either way it is not from the 1998 giveaway. EDIT: He responded and I was right. Ok that is settled.
  10. Back in gen 3 using a good random number generator was not possible. So they used a really shitty (but common) one. When you encounter a pokemon there are multiple random numbers that are returned from that formula. The formula is recursive meaning the result of the previous execution is used for the subsequent one. This means if you look at the entire sequence of events and all of the random number calls, the actual attributes of the final pokemon you encounter is contrived. What I mean by contrived is that the pokemon id, IVs, etc are very limited. By knowing this, you can take the pokemon id, IVs, pokemon species, level, game origin and information about encounter data from that game to validate whether or not the pokemon was actually generated by a real encounter. Fast forward to newer generations and this is not the case. Specifically because even though the algorithm is recursive, the range of possible output numbers is very very high. So if you try to do the same inference to determine if the pokemon was actually generated you will come up with most, if not all possible random number generator numbers. I tried to keep it as non-technical as possible, but I can get into more detail if you are interested.
  11. It checks PID/IVs, but not OTG. As for channel Jirachi, I am not sure if it checks SID. I would recommend Gen 3 Event Legality Checker: https://github.com/projectpokemon/Gen3EventLegality/releases/tag/v2 It takes a TID/PID and gives you the relevant data. It doesn't check trash data. As for generating PID/IVs there are no public tools. Most events do not have perfect IVs (or even great IVs) as an option anyways. I have a 6IV Channel Jirachi somewhere, I can upload it to the events gallery when I get some time.
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