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    Hi all! Great work as usual!
  1. You rock dude! Been playing around with this and it's pretty sweet! Thanks again!!
  2. Apologies Slayer, do you mean the Min IV~Max IV? Idealy they would be 0 for Attack + Speed and it would be amazing if it could be shiny too
  3. This is the closest I can get to my build. Looks like the seed I'm seeking doesn't exist
  4. Amazing! You're a legend for helping! Thanks!!
  5. That looks interesting I guess Natures could always be changed with mints if needs be. Where might I find that program/plugin please??
  6. Hi guys! A friend of mine kindly shared this useful document with me (I hope you enjoy) but we're now looking for seeds that aren't all just 6iv. I must point out that I haven't checked each and every seed (this would take years) but so far all the ones we have used from this document have been 6iv. Shiny-Raid-Seeds.rtf In an ideal world we would create our own seed using the "SeedFinder" plugin tool in PKHeX but that often generates a "No seed found" message As you can see below the SeedFinder plugin cannot generate a seed for this Hatterene, sad times... So as an alternative I'm asking for anyone that has working seeds to share on this post for all to enjoy. Specifically seeds that aren't 6iv but can actually be used for competitive Singles/VGC such as this Shiny, 4iv, Hidden Ability, 0 ATK, 0 SPE Hatterene in my example above. Any help would be muchly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Hi folks, I have acquired a legit 'square shiny' Pokémon but when I look at it in PKHeX there are no obvious ways to tell which type of shiny it is. Of course my goal is to gen a square shiny but there doesn't seem to be a way to do so. Any tips?
  8. Slaking-01069-AKIYAMA-JPN PKMDB.com.pkm
  9. Meowth-12098-YUKKIINA-JPN PKMDB.com.pkm
  10. I understand Would you mind if I continue to document anomalies here in this fashion so there is a record to refer back to?
  11. DP - りゅうた Magikarp.pk4
  12. DP - ノリィ♪ Magikarp.pk4
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