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  1. Slaking-01069-AKIYAMA-JPN PKMDB.com.pkm
  2. Meowth-12098-YUKKIINA-JPN PKMDB.com.pkm
  3. I understand Would you mind if I continue to document anomalies here in this fashion so there is a record to refer back to?
  4. DP - りゅうた Magikarp.pk4
  5. DP - ノリィ♪ Magikarp.pk4
  6. DP - ウッツー Magikarp.pk4
  7. DP - ルイルイθ Magikarp.pk4
  8. Flygon-07018-BABA-JPN PKMDB.com.pkm
  9. --- - German NZone Pikachu (GER) (C).pgt
  10. --- - TCGWC Pikachu (ENG).pgt
  11. @Sabresite Hopefully this will help you out My plan for the time being is to upload Gen 4 pgt/pcd's that have been shared here ( https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery ) and are flagged as illegal in PKHeX... My main goal is to have as many events with a "Green Tick" as possible! I have managed to accomplish this with all Generation 5, 6 & 7 events already!! With the exception of the events mentioned in my previous post: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/41852-legality-error-events/ Thanks for agreeing to help dude Nessus
  12. @Sabresite https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/blob/master/Gen 5/Japanese/Trade for Evolution/024 BW - ふぃえすた Scyther (JPN).pgf This file quotes to have OT ふぃえすた but has OT きょうえん
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