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  1. Come posso sapere il mio sid e tid se non posso aprire il mio salvataggi decifrato? data.bin
  2. On PKHeX say are fake but i obtained on my colosseum. 251 - CELEBI - 3EEB7363106A.ck3 025 - PIKACHU - 5CF7AA0B28E6.ck3
  3. 385 - JIRACHI - 86CD82FD10DA.pk3385 - JIRACHI - A4F0582D32AD.pk3 Used my Italian channel
  4. Hi we are missing 10 Pokewalker Areas from RoC pack: Rugged Road, Icy Mountain Rd, Big Forest, White Forest, Stormy Beach, Resort, Quiet Cave, Rally, Sightseeing, Amity Meadow Any has this areas misssing for complete my hg ss?
  5. I tested yesterday with mirage island spawn it works on r b e witouth any issue, open you game and save then use the program.
  6. Feebas locator for DPPL like on old program DSPokedit are awesome is still lost.
  7. Hi he can be released for gen 4 diamond pearl platinum?
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