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  1. Are you perhaps one of the developers of PKHeX? I beg you to bring back the following missing functionalities for the games Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: unlock all flying locations, unlock all public trainer icons, unlock Mega Rayquaza, unlock mega evolution ring, and the message editor. Thank you and my blessings to you
  2. Me and several others have noticed how the latest version of PKHeX is missing some functionalities in the games Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. The missing functionalities are: Unlock all public trainer icons, message editor, unlock Mega Rayquaza, unlock Mega evolution ring, unlock all flying locations on map, etc. I beg Kaphotics and the other developers to bring back those features in the latest version of PKHeX. Thank you. edit: We hope that the developers will bring back these missing functionalities and be more careful not to accidentally corrupt the integrity of PKHeX, which causes some features to go missing/malfunction. Thank you and best wishes to ProjectPokemon.org!
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