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  1. Can you provide me the correct download link for Checkpoint so I can install it to my 3DS running CFW? Checkpoint will export the battle videos to which folder on the SD card? I will then be able to view Pokemon data of all the trainers in the battle video using PKHeX? Thank you.
  2. Which directory are the battle videos stored on my 3DS's SD card? I want to open battle videos for the game Pokemon Ultra Moon version. Are the battle videos on the SD card unencrypted? Will I be able to view the opponent's Pokemon team when I open a battle video in PKHeX? Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I was wondering how to use PKHeX to extract Pokemon data from battle videos stored on the 3DS's SD card? I want to use PKHeX for displaying Trainer's Pokemon data such as IVs, EVs, and original Trainer information, etc. Thank you for your help and support.
  4. Hello, I challenged a female trainer in Festival Plaza who sent out a Shiny Hoopa Unbound forme. I was also able to record the battle video containing her shiny Hoopa. I believe Hoopa is shiny locked? How was she able to use shiny Hoopa in an online battle? Please explain... Can you guys host a legal PKHeX file containing a shiny Hoopa for download? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to avoid detection by Nintendo when running custom firmware on the Nintendo Switch so we don't get banned from online services? Any methods to avoid detection? Thank you.
  6. The CFW guide doesn't mention the Nintendo Switch Lite. Are you sure this will work on the Lite edition? Please tell me so I don't end up bricking/corrupting my console. Thank you.
  7. Can the Nintendo Switch Lite be exploited in order to install custom firmware, the homebrew menu, including a save manager app, so we can backup and edit our save data? Is there also software that bypasses Nintendo's online security checks to avoid getting banned from playing online?
  8. Are you perhaps one of the developers of PKHeX? I beg you to bring back the following missing functionalities for the games Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: unlock all flying locations, unlock all public trainer icons, unlock Mega Rayquaza, unlock mega evolution ring, and the message editor. Thank you and my blessings to you
  9. Me and several others have noticed how the latest version of PKHeX is missing some functionalities in the games Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. The missing functionalities are: Unlock all public trainer icons, message editor, unlock Mega Rayquaza, unlock Mega evolution ring, unlock all flying locations on map, etc. I beg Kaphotics and the other developers to bring back those features in the latest version of PKHeX. Thank you. edit: We hope that the developers will bring back these missing functionalities and be more careful not to accidentally corrupt the integrity of PKHeX, which causes some features to go missing/malfunction. Thank you and best wishes to ProjectPokemon.org!
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