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  1. I see. I don't remember ever messing around with the OT affection, maybe it might be a thing that was caused on older versions then. Also, on the word filter case, I can simply ignore it then? Thanks once again for your help and getting back to me on this @Kaphotics
  2. Sorry, I'm fairly new to this but will do so next time! I will upload the images here so nothing gets missed I think the affection level was set at default since my stuff like Suicune, Latios and Latias are at 0. Funnily enough, affection is maxed on Tyranitar but it still has the same flagging issue with the ribbons. It's worth mentioning that all of my Pokemons have all 48 past gen contest ribbons (they aren't flagged illegally on Gen 3/4/5 when I open my past gen saves with PKHeX) Thank you very much @theSLAYER for taking your time in this!
  3. So, I totally forgot to post this earlier but PKHeX seems to have issues with the Ribbons obtained on a Pokemon. PKHeX flags incorrectly a Pokemon as illegal if it has the Gen 6 Contest Master Ribbons when they originate from older generations. As you can see on the picture of my Ribbon Mastered Latios (originated from Gen 3), it says that the ORAS Contest Master Ribbons are missing even though they are present on the Pokemon's description. The reason why I can say this is because when I compared it to a Greninja with the ribbons, it shows no issue. Any Pokemon from Gen 3/4/5/6 can obtain the
  4. Hello everyone at Project Pokemon! Those who know me, will recognize me because of my IRC nicknames: Sans or Jellal. I promised a good friend of mine, Sabresite, that I will post my research on Ageto Celebi RNG as well. For those who don't know me, I am the one who posted on /r/pokemonrng a guide on how to RNG abuse Ageto Celebi on emulator by re-using save states to advance multiple frames and get to an ideal PRNG state (23 frames from target) to RNG abuse Celebi, something that was thought to be very hard or almost impossible to do before. I will post the guide on reddit so you can take a lo
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