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  1. Well, i still plan on being optimistic, but if this link didn't end up going anywhere, i can understand if nothing comes up. It's just realistic to assume that no one saved their files, preemptively. I'm still going to pray one day, a good lead pops up. Appreciate all your help, though, my man!
  2. What was a hack? The Magikarp posting in 2013?
  3. Hey, any luck? I know it's a bit late, but just wanted to know if anything new has popped up haha
  4. Yes, please someone have the time lol. It's an emergency
  5. Is there anyone on this site that might be able to better translate and navigate that website? Even ask around? I noticed the post date, and i thought the same thing
  6. Yes, i came upon that image, too. I was able to find this website and thread discussing it, but its difficult to properly translate it all. http://pokemonxy-matome.com/blog-entry-87.html True, but one can still hope lol Thats what im saying! I think its pertinent that we find some sort of language middleman to do some snooping. Heck, id pay for an online investigator like that haha
  7. Glad to see im not the only one that wants that karp! Haha
  8. Hello, fellow Pokemon hunters. I just wanted to make a thread in regards to information on the distribution of the Tamamushi University Magikarp event, that took place in Japan. I am already aware of the 20 Dragon Rage Magikarp that were distributed in the Gen 1 games, paired along with the rare trophy card in the TCG, as well as other merch. My main onjective at the moment is to find anyone that might have any info on the actual Magikarp that was distributed in game to the winners. What I hope to do is open up a discussion that could lead to similar results as the thread that brought about the Gen 1 Mew being transferred and redistributed from save files before the internal batteries died. If anyone has any info, or even could act as a middleman or translator for other Japanese forums, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I know its been a while, but has anyone got any updates or more info in regards to the Tamamushi Magikarp event? Im in desperate need to see if we can get a similar download process, if one still exists, for one of these distributed Magikarps. Heck, id be willing to pay anyone thats willing to help out lol
  10. im not seeing anyone else reply to this, so i will just go ahead and say thanks! i was looking for more info on the magikarp event. im having trouble navigating the link, but is this the same sort of downloadable save file/event as the mew? im definitely interested in whether this works or if anyone else might know of anyone with the university magikarp.
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