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  1. Hello all! After some helpful tips and some research, I've been able to somewhat narrow down my search for this Pokemon. I'm aware the STAMP Rally Pokemon have not been added to the GitHub, but I've been made aware there were some unverified ones floating on the GTS at some point, and was wondering if anyone could be so helpful as to point me in the right direction or even trade me! Any and all help is appreciated
  2. Oh, so OP is just referring to QR code giving access to a STAMP Pichu made in PkHex manually?
  3. Would anyone care to explain the QR Code aspect of this discussed by OP? I'm currently trying to find anyone willing to trade for one of these Pichu, but it seems that the STAMPs are not on the GitHub. I'm aware that the few that were on the GTS at some point arent really verifiable, so curious as to other ways of getting it and what conclusion OP came to lol
  4. Thanks for the info! And that's really interesting. I assumed as much but it's always nice to hear from an educated source for another perspective. And just to confirm, when you say pokecheck, you mean you've actually got some traded to you via the DNS trading servers but cant fully verify their authenticity?
  5. Yeah, it looks as if the Stamp Pichu is one that is not available in the GitHub at the moment, sadly
  6. Gotcha, wasnt sure where to put so I assumed as much. Thank you Thanks so much for the info! I thought it was something of this nature. I'm somewhat familiar with setting up the DNS server connection and what not. How do I go about getting the specific events I want? And what if I'm looking for 3rd gen events? My main wants are just the 10 anniv flying Pikachu and the STAMP Pichu
  7. Mainly just curious to see how the transferring and trading of these event Pokemon works, as im under the impression it is just taking the distribution files and using PkHex or other means to redistribute the Pokemon. Looking for rare event Pikachu and Pichu, like the STAMP Pichu and the 10 ANNIV Flying Pikachu, etc.
  8. Is it possible to trade this in Gen 8? I'd be super interested if so!
  9. Well, i still plan on being optimistic, but if this link didn't end up going anywhere, i can understand if nothing comes up. It's just realistic to assume that no one saved their files, preemptively. I'm still going to pray one day, a good lead pops up. Appreciate all your help, though, my man!
  10. What was a hack? The Magikarp posting in 2013?
  11. Hey, any luck? I know it's a bit late, but just wanted to know if anything new has popped up haha
  12. Yes, please someone have the time lol. It's an emergency
  13. Is there anyone on this site that might be able to better translate and navigate that website? Even ask around? I noticed the post date, and i thought the same thing
  14. Yes, i came upon that image, too. I was able to find this website and thread discussing it, but its difficult to properly translate it all. http://pokemonxy-matome.com/blog-entry-87.html True, but one can still hope lol Thats what im saying! I think its pertinent that we find some sort of language middleman to do some snooping. Heck, id pay for an online investigator like that haha
  15. Glad to see im not the only one that wants that karp! Haha
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