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  1. Didn't notice that but ended up with a modest/timid Celebi after testing a few PIDs. They don't have any natures listed though. Is there a way to see the natures?
  2. Trying to make a perfect or near perfect, timid Winter 2011 celebi using the stationary option but none of the PIDs work. I tried method K since I didnt see anything about event gifts for method 1. Is it not possible with celebi/event gifts or is there another option?
  3. I'm not sure what is going on but I tried inserting a larvitar into my party to use at the beginning of the game. Sometimes the save will be fine but sometimes it will corrupt after I import the backup memory to the desmume rom. I dragged and dropped an articuno just as a test and while it was fine on my gen 3 saves, it corrupted the save on my HG.
  4. Came in possession of a water damaged Emerald in which I migrated everything out of it as I did not have a link cable at the time. Is there a way to convert pk4 back to pk3?
  5. There are pokemon files here but I am looking to get my own OTs and natures.
  6. Was wondering if anyone had any contest ready pokemon or save files with them. Don't really care about IVs just movesets and natures that can win all contest levels for every category.
  7. I am looking to get the following pokemon for gen 4: Adamant and/or jolly 6 perfect iv shiny Giratina Timid and/or modest 6 perfect iv shinies for Dialga, shaymin, lucario for gen 3 (If you can make pk4 files for each I would greatly appreciate it but a pk3 + migrate should work for me): Adamant and/or jolly 6 perfect iv shiny Ho-oh Adamant and/or jolly 6 perfect iv shiny Groudon Adamant and/or jolly 6 perfect iv shiny Rayquaza Timid and/or modest 6 perfect iv shiny Celebi (dont think its legal to be shiny so regular is fine) Timid and/or modest 6 perfec
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