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  1. Why PKHeX doesn't allow me create a Polteageist Antique from egg? It's impossible? PD: sorry if I choose wrong the forum, I didn't knew where belongs the topic... EDIT: don't answer me, I look other topics and I found out... sorry
  2. Thank you very much! At least I know it can be fixed...but how? Because I have progressed in the game (regarding that .sav) and I want fix it on my own, so as not to have to resort to you again.
  3. Hi, I have a similar problem. I play Pokémon White in my R4, and my .sav is heavier than 512KB (I don't understand, because the .sav from Pokémon Pearl is 512KB in the same folder in R4...) PKHeX allow the .sav from Pearl and edit it, but not the .sav from White... 18 - Pokémon Blanca.sav
  4. Thanks for the guides Sorry for don't be specific: the Unown file, not a gen file in particular I want all Unown with freedom of selection in the IV's to select the Hidden Power at my choice. I supposed that the IV's of Unown from RO/AS Mirage Caves can be elegible. But all Unown from every Gen file are from FR/LG or HG/SS, so... By the way, I prefer Modest nature, but don't be eligible neither.
  5. Hi everyone! Unown's file is incomplete. (A) form missed. By the way... from III/IV gen is impossible to increase the IV's? So...I need Unown from RO/AS from Mirage Caves? But doesn't allow me for some reason Sorry, I started to PKHeX this week and I'm a beginner
  6. Yep, the length is 5 characters, I use "Nacho" for that Mew or the Leech Seed Oddish, haha. Really, thanks for all. The tips of the forum, the tips of PKHeX...thank you very much. I hope to learn fast, ask fewer questions and enjoy PKHeX to the fullest. Regards
  7. Okay, thanks a lot for all your answers So, the only posibility to have a Mew with my OT is from japanese Emerald? Doesn't exist other event, other Gen or whatever?
  8. Thank you very much for all the tips. I'll learn with time Now that I think about it, you are right, it is completely illogical to look for 1 & 2 Gen events for USUM, if there is no retrocompatibility. I thought that by being legal in the cartridges, they would be legal in VC, and, therefore, in USUM when transferring them I have some more questions, although I think they are very insignificant and I feel that I am abusing your kindness. If you think I should put it in another topic, either for not "messing" over this topic, or to help another who reads it, please tell me. I will make them simple: - PID: I downloaded the Oddish Leech Seed 2003. The .rar contains a lot of different Oddish in gender and nature. If I want a specific gender/nature (female; modest) and it does not exist, what do I do? If I change the gender, the PID is invalid. If I change the nature, the PID is invalid too. - Raichu Alola /=/ Raichu: I obtained the Raichu with Surf that I posted before. Okay, but...now that I think about it...is not it supposed to be an Alolan Raichu? Because if you give a Thunderstone to that Pikachu in USUM...evolves to Alolan Raichu, or not? - OT Mew: I want a Mew with my OT. My question is: it's possible to make a Mew with my "large" OT? I mean, I can make a legal Faraway Island Mew from japanese Emerald with my OT, but I only can put 5 characters, and I want to put 7 characters. By the way, in Emerald, I obtained the Old Sea Map through the Pomeg Berry glitch with my EO in Spanish version, and I have a Mew with my own OT [Ragolay] and a Poké Ball (I transfered it to Platinum with no problem). But I suppose that it's impossible to transfer this Mew to 3DS. Thanks for your patience. If you want that I gonna make this questions in other new topics, please, tell me and I will do
  9. I used the USUM Pikachu. I choose my 3DS region and subregion; I choose my language, etc... I did it right? (I didn't understand very well what you said about the region before, sorry) I saw the Event Gallery and the Github but it's hard to me to understand it, I'm new and I'm trying I learned how to download the USUM Pikachu link thanks to your link (was very easy), but I don't know how to download others events (p.e.: the Oddish with Leech Seed from Pokémon Center Tokyo 2003, or the Voltorb with Agility from Pokémon Center NY 2001). I suppose that those littles questions and doubts are a bit annoying for you (sorry for that). Is there a guide or something for learn how to handle the events? Thanks for all, really. Okay I learned how to search some events like the Oddish with Leech Seed that I mentioned before Step by step, thanks friend I suppose that so many events like the Voltorb with Agility are missing, right?
  10. You're THE BEST Thank you very much Was very easy, 20 seconds PD: I don't know how learn Surf to Raichu. I must open another different topic? I don't want disturb the normal order of ProjectPokémon
  11. I choose Gold/Silver/Crystal/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Colosseum/XD/LeafGreen/FireRed and in all options, PKHeX alert me that it's an invalid move. By the way, I don't understand the second and third alert
  12. Hi, theSLAYER. Thanks for answer I'm making all dex Pokémon, one by one, with the same procedence: as egg, in Ultrasun, Akala Outskirts, etc. If I choose Nightmare as relearn move, doesn't let me. What I must choose for make it legal?
  13. Hi everyone! Why PKHeX doesn't let me learn Nightmare to Butterfree? Thanks for your time! PD: is my first topic in ProjectPokémon, I registered yesterday, and I started to use PKHeX yesterday too. Sorry if I don't understand something, please, patience PD2: obviously I prefer answers in Spanish but doesn't matter
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