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  1. ok but after got the ribbon, can i make pokemon like was in old time?
  2. and why after i set this things for have ribbon i have error in some moves? when i got ribbon it is permanent like battle version... but after i can learn other moves to my pokemon but some are error... why?
  3. maybe u mean battle version? but idk how it work... i not find anything about that
  4. i dont understand what u mean (idk what is this symbol)
  5. Hi, why when i give MASTER RANK RIBBON to pokemon got from old gen (pokemon got from yellow and silver virtual console or from emerlad) it is error on legality? The bulbapedia site say only special pokemon are prhoibithed (like rayquaza, mewtwo, etc) Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all guys, i need some information about some things in pkhex 8 gen files. 1 - Well first what mean the little square near the pokemon? (1st pic) if it is the mark for ultrashiny can you explain me how to make it normal shiny/ultrashiny? (maybe there is a command but idk) 2 - in the 2nd pic there are 2 marks, can you please say me what they are? the 2nd mark refer to "battle version" but idk what is. Can u explain it too please? 3 - About HEIGHT and WHEIGHT in game i don t see the difference and i don t see where i can see height or wheight. So all pokemon can have different
  7. Hi in PKHeX there is friendiship and affection in section "memory". Friendship refer to this https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Friendship and affection refer to this https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Affection is CORRECT? If yes why for a pokemon (ex. swampert from 3rd gen) with cutenees ribon on sav 7th gen. I have error if i put 255 in friendship and 0 in affection. If i put 0 in friendship and 255 in affection i NOT have error. But If the answer at question i make UP is YES... affection is a mechanic introduced on gen. 6 so why i have error with 255 friendship an
  8. Hi i have some questions about some things. 1)About memories in pokemon, the NOT OT memories change every time i trade that pokemon? Only the OT memories stay permanent? 2)Why in residence some of my pokemon have it and other not? 3)about relearn moves, can i leave it empty after i set this pokemon got from an egg? I don t know why it say NOT LEGAL if i leave it empty thanks in advance
  9. When there are a pokemon without hidden ability (for example zekrom), in pkhex there is a window with the same ability (in this case teravolt) wit (1) - (2) - (H). Now if i put tevaolt (H) it become not legaly but in game nothing change. So why there is this difference on pokemon with only 1 ability? What happen if i put teraolt (H) on zekrom? Thanks in advance
  10. Perfect i got But i need italian file for victini and i don't have. Where i take it?
  11. Perfect i ll do all you wrote. 1 question only... my cartrige is italian so the file the guy give me is ok? victini will be from ita game? (i mean this below)
  12. i am not much pratic of pkhex, so i download this file, but where i should put it?
  13. Hi guys, as title sayed i m trying to do the Victini event by liberty pass but without succes. I explain what i did. On PKHEX i opened the bag and i put in the liberty pass, but in game i can't take the ship. So how i should do for have the mistery gift? i don t know how to use mystery gift on pkhex. Thanks in advance
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