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  1. so them are not rilevant?
  2. Atmosphaera

    Extra byte

    Can please someone explain me waht extrabyte button on OT/mis page mean?
  3. do you mean the game interface?
  4. I got a new problem. When i modify some pokemon from 3 gen in pokemon ultramoon on pkhex, when i copy back the save on the carttridge it say the data files are damaged. Do you know why?
  5. thanks very much and sry for eng
  6. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hyper_Training
  7. Atmosphaera

    gold button

    i gave a gold button to my pokemon. there is a way on pkhex to remove it?
  8. Can someone explain me what mean the number from 1 to 15 in pokerus window? thanks
  9. I try and seems i success. I used a PID from my rayquaza that have 3 other characteristc (somewhat vain too) and i insert PID of rayquaza in PID of latias and seems success. Tomorrow i will make all the pokemon i want following your instruction and i ll write the result. Thanks anyway, maybe is the correct way
  10. Somewhat vain (31 IV in special defense)
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