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  1. Hello there, just picked up Pokémon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. Requesting a Wifi Trade for two Dittos with max IVs Just using these for breeding Pokémon for friends. You can reply back here and we can coordinate a time to get online. [noparse] [/noparse]
  2. Man...looks like Update Ver. 1.1 is out in the E-Shop...online will be down for about a day  >_<"

  3. Whew, been a while !

    1. theSLAYER


      welcome back from the break!

  4. Man, the pokemon VGC has a really fun format this year !!

  5. Yo, finally back in !!

  6. Oh gosh, thanks again ^_^" * I have now edited the OP * Not sure how I got the two mixed up, and V5.0 will be out soon.
  7. oh cool, it took a little over 10 seconds but it finally turned off !! well, it looks like it was able to save the information to my SD card. * though, the web page never crashed *
  8. well gosh...my 3DSXL froze >_<" I just have a white screen and all of the inputs are froze. * it is stuck on at the moment * should I open it up and take the battery out ?
  9. @Kaphotics hmm...so only successfully tested on Japanese Region Carts ? or rather currently waiting for people to finishing testing things out on EU/US Carts ? also, being wondering about this, do the pokemon X/Y games share the same save format...even for different regions ? like if I have a JP pkmn-x cart and a US pkmn-x cart...would their save data structure be different ? * would they be read differently by the 3DS, outside of the system's cart region blocker *
  10. Hello, it's that time again, I am making this post to inform everyone here that I am hosting another online pokemon x/y double tournament ^_^" http://gbatemp.net/threads/march-gbatemp-pokemon-x-y-tournament.362647/ Even though it was my first time hosting one, it had a huge turn out of talented trainers. Apparently, many of the entrants enjoyed how I ran the tournament and have asked me to host another one. This time I am offering lots of prizes for all of the entrants to enjoy ! Anyhow, it is an open/public tournament that will be starting friday (March 14th) * so you all are welcome to sign up * Oh, and I would really appreciate some feedback for future improvement !!
  11. wow, nice work with this !! so now we can view, not edit, information about our pokemon now ?
  12. Hello everyone, just letting you all know that i will be host my first pokemon x/y double tournament ^_^" http://gbatemp.net/threads/december-gbatemp-pokemon-x-y-tournament.358609/ I looked into to hosting one here...but it seems it will prove tricky without prior experience. Anyhow, it is an open/public tournament that will be starting next monday (December 9th) * so you all are welcome to sign up * Oh, and I would really love feedback for future improvement !!
  13. Hello everyone !! With pokemon x & y a few days away...i think it is important to share our 3DS Friend Codes ^_^" * i will do my best to update this post daily, in hopes that this will get "pinned" * Oh, and here is the format we will be using : "Mii Name" "3DS System Friend Code" Here is mine, as an example : Zeheart 1864-9639-1699 Just found out that my Friend Safari is "Fire" with these pokemon : - Charmelon - Ponyta - Braixen All Friend Codes added to this list so far (as of 6 November 2013) @randomspot555 thanks for keeping everything update in my absence !!
  14. Hack Name: Pokemon Red proud eyes edition V4.0 Hack of: Pokemon Red US/EU (GameBoy) Introduction: Hello everyone, Break here with the release of the 4th update to my popular romhack "Pokemon red proud eyes edition". After spending and extended period of time testing out the hacking tools available...I am very happy with the results of my re-balancing of this classic game. I will start by thanking the large group of followers who have given me an enormous amount of support and feedback over the years! Watching "let's play" streams and answering questions about the hack has been an enriching experience. Storyline: This hack contains the same storyline as the original...no dialogue has been changed. Features: -Updated to 2nd-Gen graphics -The casino prizes have been edited -All of the pokemarts have been edited -Edited all of the in-game rival encounters -Pokemon experience gains have been modified -Overworld pokemon levels have been modified -Pokemon starting move sets have been updated -Lowered professor oak's aids item requirements -Updated the difficulty to catch in-game pokemon -All of the in-game pokemon trades have been updated -Changed the types of pokemon that cycle through at the title screen -All of the gym leader's and elite 4's pokemon teams have been edited -Changed the number of TMs you recieve after obtaining a gym badge to three -The levels and types of pokemon that appear in caves, grass, and water have been edited Screenshots: Progress ( Complete ) Elite 4 - 100% Pokemarts - 100% Gym Leaders - 100% Title Screen - 100% Casino Prizes - 100% Updated Graphics - 100% Pokemon Move Sets - 100% Pokemon EXP Gains - 100% Pokemon Encounters - 100% Pokemon Catch Rate - 100% Professor Oak's Aids - 100% In-Game Pokemon Trades - 100% In-Game Rival Encounters - 100% Download Patch http://www.mediafire.com/download/uhuhf91ma2hkfuy/Pokemon_Red_-_proud_eyes_V4.0.zip Credits http://imgur.com/ - for letting me host my images http://fusoya.eludevisibility.org/ - for creating the Lunar ISP tool http://www.mediafire.com/ - for letting me host my patch for download http://www.swamperttools.co.nr/ - for creating the editors to make my romhack http://www.youtube.com/ - for letting me upload gameplay footage of my romhack http://hax.iimarck.us/topic/2967/ - for the Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (Danny-E 33) http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/240/ - for helping me understand how to use this tool (Nightcrawler) Contact: twitter: @Proud_Eyes email: grandflare@yahoo.com skeetendo: http://hax.iimarck.us/user/3474/ youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/breaktube piforums: http://piforums.info/member.php?u=3591 facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeamGunLeo romhacking: http://www.romhacking.net/community/1557/ pokemonforum: http://www.pokemon-forum.com/user-break xboxlive: https://live.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?Gamertag=Joe%20D%20Haze
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