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  1. Ok so this is what I got now: 0x21D08 is current wins - single subway 0x21D1A is record wins - single subway 0x21D0A is current wins - double subway 0x21D1C is record wins - double subway 0x21D0C is current wins - multi subway with npc 0x21D1E is record wins - multi subway with npc I didn't test but I suspect that 0x21D0E and 0x21D20 are for multi subway with friends and last 0x21D12 is current wins - super single subway 0x21D24 is record wins - super single subway didn't test the others in super yet (i might do it now and come back with the exact offsets) I suspect that 0x21D2C could be a flag that sets either if you are still in a challenge or not (since it changes from 00 to 01 as far as I saw) either way, i saw that if you change the values here, they don't change the flag of super subways, i might have to check the events offset and compare it to my clean save (no subway battles)
  2. I mean the maximum amount of battles you've won (not x7 rounds, but battles themselves) Anyway I'm trying to figure out all of this XD
  3. So hmmm I'm just guessing here but 0x21D08 could be last streak 0x21D1A could be max streak 0x21D2C could be current streak So what I did was Go one x7 round and found that 21D08 and 21D1A were 07 Win another battle and leave, then both were 08 Enter again and win a couple of battles, pause Noticed that 21D2C was 02 Leave the challenge 21D08 was 02 21D1A was 08 21D2C was 00
  4. Found it at 0x21D08, but it's odd, maybe it's "not", since I changed it's value but when I came back to the game it was still at 7...
  5. Just a recap that we can already use the original 3DSKit since the missing Mini repack has already been solved and pretty much it's better than the (temp) fork: https://github.com/Tyulis/3DSkit I couldn't work that much on this matter, was pretty busy with other things, not sure how @theSLAYER is doing tho But atleast we are progressing, help would be really appreciated.
  6. Hi! I'm trying to edit Moon's text and I would like to know how can I edit these texts in other languages Is pk3DS enough for it? or do I need another tool? NVM i'm just stupid, got it already. just changed the language
  7. Just a question, is Luma Nightly really needed for SaltySD or I can perform it with just the stable Luma?
  8. Glad to see you guys back here! And congratulations for it!
  9. I don't know if it's an actual issue but I can't select the option "Have 6 PKM for Important Trainers" with Moves being not modified.
  10. Is there a tool that allows you to edit the amount of certain base decorations to 1/999? Thanks in advance.
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