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  1. I hate Shiny Dragonite. The original Dragonite is looks cool but Shiny is awful. A dark-green dragon, yuck. It looks so bad! And OMG you won't believe it, a few years ago, I caught a shiny dratini in my Leaf Green! I never knew how shinies looked like before! The dratini was pink and it didn't look too bad. I evolved it Dragonair wasn't so bad. And the biggest mistake ever; It evolved it into Dragonite, gross, dark green! Here is the Shiny Dragonite:
  2. Hey, I would please like one with a Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss on like a creek or something that has grass and maybe a bit of water. And finally on the signature, I would like you to write "Toffeuy". As for the Font, I would like the same font used in my Avatar. If you need any more info or when you're complete making it, PM me. Thanks
  3. So the Lati's can be anywhere in the wild. Because in my Ruby and my Emerald I caught Latios and Latias both near the grass near Lilycove City. Until I was so bored, I restarted both my emerald and ruby now I go searching there everyday and I can't find it!
  4. If I could choose, I would actually prefer the Pichu to be a Timid Nature. Volt Tackle is strong but it kind of suicides. Thunder is a better choice. Yeah, I know it only has 70 accuracy but combine it with rain dance and it'll be 100. Once HGSS is released and you've unlocked the event using the Pichu you could evolve it by then. Pikachu will then be able to use the Light Ball. This raises its Special Attack and Special Defence giving Thunder an even higher power.
  5. Please, A Togekiss avatar would be good, it's my favourite pokemon! And if possible with my name on the pic I don't know what I need for it so PM me for the requirements Thanks
  6. Well, it depends. I would choose Snorlax if the size of the pokemon is pretty big when it follows you. If not, I'll choose Togekiss, my Favourite Pokemon What I mean by it depends is, see how when you walk in the Amity Square in DPP your Infernape, Empoleon or Torterra, their real size should be way bigger but in the Amity Square, it size is made to suit your player more so that it is more negotiable when you are turning corners.
  7. Alright this is the code which I downloaded from ProjectPokemon.com and used Pokesav to make it an Action Replay Code. This means that it's legit. Also, this is for the English version of Pokemon Platinum. Sorry if I confused you by putting "Japanese" in brackets but what I really meant by those brackets were to tell you that it was the official japanese event as you requested. And finally, I just wanted to tell you I don't know how to make both the Pokemon and Wonder Card work in just one code, I only know how to work it in 2 separate codes. But that isn't a big problem since there's no difference. Just tick both codes when you use the Action Replay. If you use both codes together and your game freezes (Don't worry, your game won't crash or reset or anything like that). Just use one code, save the game, then use the next code. But if you don't want to take any risks at all I recommend you use the code one by one as I have never tried using the 2 codes together. Both these codes require the same way to activate.To Activate, press L and R on the corners of your DS/DSi together. It is also recommended that you save then turn off the DS/DSi after pressing L and R together and getting the Jirachi because if you accidentally press L and R again you will activate the code a second time. Nintendo Zone Jirachi (Japanese) Nintendo Zone Jirachi Wonder Card (Japanese)
  8. So is there 493 Pokemon in the HGSS Pokedex? Because GS only had 251 Pokemon. But an in-game event will be unlocked when the event Jirachi is sent to the game. And Jirachi's Pokedex No. is 385 (Past 251). Also, Arceus' Pokedex No. is 493 (Past 251 as well).
  9. Hey Sabresite, I read the Feature List and one of them didn't include the one I want. This should belong to the Daily Events Section, I think. Alright, see how each day, when you go to the man next door to the Solaceon Town Pokemon Centre, he requests you for a Pokemon. If you show him that Pokemon, he gives you a Heart Scale and 3 Balls (Any Ball except for Master Ball). I want PokeMod to be able to modify/control the Wanted Pokemon from the man. Thanks
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