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  1. I lent my original disc to my nephew who lost it so I need to replace it. I need the real game (either gold or silver is fine) because I like using the pokewalker. I do still have the pokewalker so I just need the game itself. I don't care about box or anything. I looked at gamestop but they want almost $30 for just the game and I haven't had luck on ebay finding it for a good price either.
  2. I think doing anything where you repeat the same stuff over and over (as with pokemon battles) is going to make you sleepy.
  3. In my experience, you can still use the wii brew tools to restore files that you couldn't normally copy from one memory card to the next. I am able to get the two .gci file saves from gFaq to work but they just aren't very good. I really want a save with all or at least most of the pokemon captured. They don't have to be purified but that would be nice too.
  4. A similar topic was back in July but its over a month old and I didn't want to get in trouble for reviving an old thread. Basically I'm looking for a completed save file of Pokemon Colosseum with all pokemon including Jirachi and Ho-Oh if possible. I need them in .gci format. I've seen the ones up on gamefaqs. One looks perfect but it is in .gcs format and despite my best attempts with a hex editor and a tool called gcs2gci I can't convert it. The other two saves there that are in .gci format are awful. Can anyone help me out with this? I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you.
  5. Maybe Espeon at first but Umbreon was always my fav and was the bigger help at the end.
  6. I used to have the first box for my team and the few I was training. Then one for legendaries, events, etc. As my collection grew though, that didn't work. now I just save the boxes in poke sav and only have a couple filled on my actual game. Then if I need a pokemon for a battle or trade, I can just look for the one I need and put it in my sav. I really wish nintendo would've made more boxes for platinum. We need like 25 or 30 in the next gen release.
  7. Its my understanding that with some new events, the checker doesn't have the info in the database yet so it will show up as hacked until the checker is updated. We've had a lot of events released lately so can imagine it might take some time.
  8. Awesome work on this project. I've "borrowed" a used game this way myself before. I think after all that playing you probably never want to see again:biggrin: or at least not for a long while.
  9. I say with all the legendaries that we are going to be getting, you might as well toss Mew in there as well. I really hope when these remakes hit the USA we get plenty of events to go with it.
  10. This is awesome. Thank you for all the hard work.
  11. I'm thinking restricted features for sure. I wonder if the lite can do video this well. The crazy thing is, I bet the lite being able to play all the old gba pokemon games is what has kept the series so popular. Now with the dsi you can't play those.
  12. Hey Muha, welcome to project pokemon.
  13. I don't get why nintendo decided to go with lime green. Is there really a lot of demand for that color? Maybe green and black like to blue and red but all green is just not for me. To each his own though. I've seen the ds lite the is green here and I just don't care for it.
  14. This is a good rule. There are plenty of people on some other sites with bad things to say about this place so we don't need to go down to their level. I will say I like certain sites more than others. Some have forums that are easier to use than others but I think it is pointless to trash talk another place. It is best not just for Project Pokemon but for all the other fan sites to get along.
  15. Yeah Yanma is way too hyperactive to be contained in a pokeball.
  16. Welcome to the forums. I used to just skim the front page too but there is a lot of good stuff here in the forums so its worth stopping by when you have some free time.
  17. I'm a little confused by what you mean by base as well. I've traded for another one that is not from here that was checked legit. Is that what you are looking for? Are your Zigs from the USA version R/S or another country?
  18. As for the game, bronzor was always really annoying for me.
  19. Ive tried pokemonworld online but it is really buggy and not any fun. A real 3d version like you are suggesting sound cool. I don't know that I'd pay $10-$20 a month for it though but I guess a lot of people would. Something like this would take a ton of time and money to set up and do right. If nintendo hasn't started working on it yet, they must figure they are making plenty of money with all the handheld games so they don't need to branch into MMORPG realm. What they do need to do is make a good pokemon game for Wii.
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