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  1. And still, you can't get it legitimately without someone paying 800$ and getting past the security checks. Doesn't matter how they advertise it.. I don't think that's ok either and I contributed a lot of japanese stuff myself back in the days.
  2. Great tool, but it doesn't work with the wifi kumashun, it shows me a key item in the gift data.
  3. If someone with bad ass skills wants to take a look at them here you go! 8 files to compare. I didn't start the game but since the game can display the Wondercards, these files contain everything the game needs to use the Wondercards The data is at the end of the file. The two blocks are identical, it's the backup I guess? Liberty Ticket.zip
  4. I don't know why Nigoli made up that .mga file type, I think it's just some date from the save file. You can even download Wondercards without starting the game first, but everytime you download it to a new savefile you're getting different data. =/ This could be a tough one. At least there are 12 Wondercard slots now.
  5. I think we're gonna get it sooner or later. Some people from Germany participated and those people like to share as far as I know.
  6. Come on guys. This is the CONTRIBUTION thread. For questions and requests there are other threads around. Some posts deleted. Maybe more later :tongue:
  7. Or they just user their DS(lite) . Much easier, don't you think?
  8. What about just changing the distribution cartidges if somebody wants so? Or just a simple menu on the DS?
  9. Wrong. This things are being watched as hell. Don't ever expect a dump of those cartridges
  10. Legal.exe doesn't check movesets. It needs an update for new events.
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