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Found 5 results

  1. I have a team that has an uber pokemon in it but I don't really feel like it's complete especially with my Magnezone.Here's the team and info: the team is currently used in heartgold and is for all-over gaming/ wifi competitive I don't know the specific EVS for this team ill have to get a ne action replay to be certain Tyranitar@ Dread Plate Garchomp@Life Orb Charizard@Flame Plate Spiritomb no item yet Gallade@scope lens Magnezone@quick powder (whyd I put that there?) if you need any more info just message me.... am I doing ok with this team or do I need to change something? answer the poll up top and give me advice if you think I need it Ive noticed that magnezone's best attacks are only electric or steel type moves and remedy for such? Im not looking for pokemon that cover their own weaknesses but a team that covers everyone's weaknesses any advice?
  2. [sprite]360[/sprite] Pokemon I wish to change: Wynaut Tier the Pokemon is currently in: Uber Tier I propose to move it to: UU/BL Reasons why I wish to move it: Well as all of you know, Wynaut is in the Uber Tier, it is self-explanatory why Wobuffet would be in Uber, but this little guy, why? I doubt many of you would oftenly see this guy around, they would probably use a Wobuffet not a Wynaut. Wynaut only has a base HP of 95, 48 SpDef and Def and only a minor speed of 23. Many of the pokemon will have the potential to wipe out this guy in one attack. And with a very high chance that the opponent would easily overspeed this pokemon. So what if it has Encore, Counter and Mirror Coat. It doesn't get the chance to use it! Even if the opponent is unable to 1HKO it, even if Wynaut uses Encore, the next turn it would attack it again and undoubtedly would beat Wynaut. I think that this little guy shouldn't belong to Ubers!
  3. hey guys. i love uber battles now i do edit some pokemon with pokesav, but they dont have hacked ivs/evs/moves etc. if you want you may check - i dont mind. PM me if you want to battle, with you FC
  4. Warstory Battle (Greencat vs. Anonymous) I was under the impression that my opponent was going to use OU, but instead he decided to use Ubers. Even included Arceus. Great battle. In order for me to post this, he said for me to keep his name anonymous. Okey Dokey then, here we go. Note: Regigigas and Heatran are not Ubers. Heatran is OU and Regigigas is NU. Rules: Evasion Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause, Species Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Greencat (Some have nicknames) Anonymous
  5. [shinysprite]144[/shinysprite][shinysprite]145[/shinysprite][shinysprite]146[/shinysprite][shinysprite]150[/shinysprite][shinysprite]151[/shinysprite][shinysprite]243[/shinysprite][shinysprite]244[/shinysprite][shinysprite]245[/shinysprite][shinysprite]249[/shinysprite][shinysprite]250[/shinysprite][shinysprite]251[/shinysprite] [shinysprite]377[/shinysprite][shinysprite]378[/shinysprite][shinysprite]379[/shinysprite][shinysprite]380[/shinysprite][shinysprite]381[/shinysprite][shinysprite]382[/shinysprite][shinysprite]383[/shinysprite][shinysprite]384[/shinysprite][shinysprite]385[/shinysprite][shinysprite]386[/shinysprite] [shinysprite]480[/shinysprite][shinysprite]481[/shinysprite][shinysprite]482[/shinysprite][shinysprite]483[/shinysprite][shinysprite]484[/shinysprite] [shinysprite]485[/shinysprite][shinysprite]486[/shinysprite][shinysprite]487[/shinysprite][shinysprite]488[/shinysprite][shinysprite]489[/shinysprite][shinysprite]490[/shinysprite][shinysprite]491[/shinysprite][shinysprite]492[/shinysprite][shinysprite]493[/shinysprite] Behold! As all shiny legendary Pokemon gather here, there will be a hidden secret as you noticed it before. You have won it here. oHg5SJYRHA0 Lyrics: Were no strangers to love You know the rules and so do i A full commitments what Im thinking of You wouldnt get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how Im feeling Gotta make you understand * never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Weve know each other for so long Your hearts been aching But youre too shy to say it Inside we both know whats been going on We know the game and were gonna play it And if you ask me how Im feeling Dont tell me youre too blind to see (* repeat) Give you up. give you up Give you up, give you up Never gonna give Never gonna give, give you up Never gonna give Never gonna give, five you up I just wanna tell you how Im feeling Gotta make you understand (* repeat 3 times)
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