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  1. You'll inevitably give up on this. Any casual hacking can be done without the use of .narc's, or with limited use of them. Not to mention they have short names that can be used to figure out what it is, for the most part. Wouldn't it be easier to just know about a few specific .narc files? Specifically, the ones you'll be using? I have no understanding of anything past basic mapping, scripting, besides spriting, and I managed to hack my Platinum pretty damn well. The word of the day would be: "Tutorial". Just saying, that's how I made progress. And if a stoner can find his way to do this, then I would think you can too.
  2. Well, I can't seem to figure out if your making mashed potatoes or trying to get something to work.... Take all that useless junk off your sd card, except your games, and put the __aio folder and akmenu4.nds from the link below on the root of your card. AKAIO is much better. Once those are on the root, just plug-n-play, so to speak. And the download will be on the right side of the website, can't miss it. http://filetrip.net/f6570-AKAIO-1-5.html
  3. Well.. maybe enough to make wifi a little easier to navigate. Though, technically, I think that falls under dialog translation..
  4. I assume until Chase implements Nature editing, you could do it via hex edit, but this is assuming it displays the same data as when I open a .pkm in say, Hex Workshop. EDIT: Arrangement of the data is wildly different, but I've found the level and all stats but SpD. By the way, I love the music, it makes me think I'm in the most awesome elevator on Earth lol. And if the bg is changed, I suppose a few people, including me, would want it back, but then that just brings in the idea of changing between a few pre-set ones... or maybe (r17?) using our own made with some kinda of port of say, the Acekard theme editor. I can dream, can't I?
  5. Great codes.. but the Johto/Kanto trainer ones (RSE Legends) have only activated when I faced the Psychic in Alph Ruins, and a schoolkid on Route 1. Nowhere else in the game so far do these codes work. And I have no clue why. Also, one to modify the music when you face Red, Lance etc would be sweet.
  6. Sorry June, I'll have to disagree. Excluding the word version at the bottom, this is ENTIRELY better looking than that... thing Kazo has in his patch. But not comparing that with the real logo... it's pretty damn sweet.
  7. Well, I'm on that list for sure. Outside the limits of reality... I want to be a Pokemon master/champion It'd be cool to have
  8. Rules 1. Lv 100, six v six singles. Restrictions 2. UU and lower only. Friend Code 3. 2965-8220-1416 Hacked restrictions 4. No hacks at all. The only exception is a Pokemon that has been Pokesav'd to have a move that would normally require much breeding to get it. An example is a Arcanine with Giga Drain, where you would need to breed with a four-legged Pokemon that could breed with Growlithe/Arcanine and learn Giga Drain... and keep doing it until you got a Growlithe born with Giga Drain. Pokesaving to just get the result is okay. Time 5. I'm available to battle between 1-4 am on weekends and Friday, 'cause I have to stand outside someones house to get on. It's expected to rain this entire weekend, but if I can find my big coat..... EDIT: It's not raining I'll be on at said time. I'm gonna take a guess and say anyone who wants to battle is supposed to just post their FC if they want to battle. And list the specific time between one and four a.m. you want to battle, relative to your time if your zone if different than mine. A note: my time-zone is Eastern Standard, US. I suppose I should add this too: Multiple of the same Held Item is allowed. Other than that, it's Standard Battle rules.
  9. Hopefully somebody will find a way to edit Red's party. He seriously needs a full lv.100 OU team. I want to have a chance of losing
  10. Hmm.. what music modifier works when facing Red? Neither trainer one works..
  11. Yeah I know. I couldn't even begin to comprehend all of that. Had a hard enough time with PokeTEX and NitroExplorer. But know that it's passed, I can agree with mytho.. I can wait too P.s. Just thinking about it.. I may have a stroke if somebody asks me to try to understand what Kazo does. lol I hate xml
  12. I don't really see the purpose in this, with my opinion further bolsted by Poryhack. I'm just going to level down my team in Pokesav and trade them over to my real game whenever I get it.. But really, the word of the day is "Flashcart". I thought this idea was cool, 'til I got my ak2i a week ago.
  13. Already found out it's not possible hex editing the .pkm of a Pokemon, so there must be some sort of blocker in the actual rom that prevents certain Pokemon from having one, and vice-versa. I'd love to take Suicune off that list. It's just too much hex for one person I'm not sure if it's a per-Pokemon value that doesn't allow this, or if it's more like a list. I found that someone had found Bulbasaur's offset, but I keep messing up the counting, and even if I find Suicune's offset, the issue I raised in my last sentence comes to mind. I need help figuring this out. *I just pasted what should be a female suicune into the end of my SS rom.. works fine, still won't allow it, apparently did nothing. Just a note. Looks like I will indeed spend another sleepless night looking for the solution.
  14. WHAT? No posts in three days? I'm shocked! Well, sorta shocked. ...Hmm, it's the 12th already? Damn.. two more days and I don't get ten bucks (Yes, I actually bet on this)
  15. I suppose if you wanted to just edit your hero, you could just list that sprite's offset in notepad and save it as list.txt But what is the hero's offset?????????
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