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  1. Oh.. well I'm kinda really bad at this but thanks mate helped me a lot ! can be also closed :v
  2. I think I don't really got it 115 - Kangama - F5CCF7556132.pk7
  3. Looking for a kangaskhan with this moveset : Fake Out Seismic Toss Body Slam Ice Punch I already did my researchs but didn't found the information to gen this pokemon Looking forward for a response !
  4. Pandazchan


    Thanks ! Gave me a lot of time back that I would use in researchs
  5. So If I get it right it doesn't even matter ? well if this is so, that threat can be closed. And Thanks !
  6. Ye did work for me now too it was kinda bugged, but still where is actually the right met location for the Eggs ? in Sun and Moon you get the egg in Paniola Ranch and I don't really want to get banned online if they see that.
  7. So what Happend is that I wantet to do a Garchomp with Stealth Rock, but this move is only learned in Oras by the Attack tutor guy, So what kinda settings do I need, and where is even the met location of the OrAs eggs? Also If I already started, I got Problems with this Error Code same to heatran I'm really looking forward for some help, I'm kinda to stupid for that, that it already gets me crazy.
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