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  1. I'm on wifi right now. See you there ;]
  2. Hey, if you're still on, I'm going to wifi. EDIT - going to breakfast be back later. EDIT - Back from Breakfast, going on wifi.
  3. I need these 6 pokemon as soon as possible. I have the files. FC- 1290 6176 1532 Thanks ;] Flygon.pkm Dragonite.pkm Gliscor.pkm Lapras.pkm Machamp.pkm Dunsparce.pkm
  4. Hi, I was wondering if someone could sav me up one pokemon? I have the .pkm file. It is in platinum, first slot in the party. My friend code is 1290 6176 1532. Delibird.pkm
  5. Here's the rest. Thanks man =D Blastoise.pkm Lurcario 2.pkm Snorlax.pkm Togekiss.pkm Tyranitar.pkm
  6. Ok, i'm gonna google to see how to do this. Ok, so im not really sure how to do this, so can you test it first, and if it works, i'll give you the rest? Lucario 1.pkm
  7. I do not know how to upload .pkm files. It is on platinum. Thanks =3
  8. Takes up 6 pokemon in the party. My FC is 1290 6176 1532 Thanks so much =D
  9. IVs for hidden power grass are : 31 HP 30 Attack 31 Defense 31 Speed 30 Special Attack 31 Special Defense. This gives you an Arcanine with high stats and a maximum powered Hidden Power Grass (Hidden power grass power 70)
  10. The Code It takes up slots 1-4 in the party for pokemon Platinum. Whenever you can get it done, I'll be very grateful. Thanks! EvanDixon, can you link me to the Driver download for the NDS cable on Windows 7? Thanks.
  11. Sorry, I'm afraid that I don't know how to upload the .pkm files. Is the code alright? My FC is 1290 6176 1532. Should I just post the code here? Thanks man, you're a lifesaver
  12. So here's the deal. I have Windows 7, and there is no NDS cable driver on it yet. So I can not transfer codes from the Action Replay Manager onto the Action Replay. I have Pokesav and all, and have the code all ready. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could put in the code and transfer me the 6 pokemon. I have a few legit shinys for trade is it is any incentive. Thanks in advance!
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