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  1. no particular order: Scyther Umbreon Charazard Scizzor Alakazam Gengar AND LOL at the guy that likes Zigzagoon.
  2. there should be a thread about how to do this somewhere...stikies? anyways, you can do a google search: how to use pokesav, much youtube videos about it.
  3. alright man, if what you say is true, then everything is alright thanks a bunch!
  4. yeah but changing their levels doesnt change thier stats for exemple if a dragonair was level 34 and i changed his level to 55 it will still have level 34 stats.
  5. hey guys i need a few .pkmn files please Gengar Dragonair and Dragonite i cant use the ones on the site because they are too low level or too high leveled basically i need a dragonair that is between level 45-55 a dragonite that is level 55-56 or a gengar between 40-55 they have to be legit/legal, i dont want over powered pokemon :\ thanks for the help guys
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