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  1. Great. Another poster's question is answered, yet no one will even reply to me at all. WT*?!
  2. I posted this in the Pokemon Platinum USA Official AR Code Request Thread, but no one would pay any attention to me in there, so I'm posting this code request in its own thread: Four days later... Still no response, eh? This place... I'm disappointed.
  3. Reposting on the new page: About 15 hours later, and STILL no response?! Nothing at all? Even the GameFAQs boards are better than this --- sure, there's a lot of spam, but someone will usually post a semi-sincere response within 24 hours or so. I'll try posting this as a separate topic, since no one will pay any attention to me in here. :mad:
  4. So, how about that "Edit Four Oreburgh Appearance Options" code for Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl? Can you make it? (21 hours later...) v_v Someone replied to Zorwaix's code request in a mere 1 hour, 4 minutes, yet no one has responded to mine, even though I posted my request 7 hours, 58 minutes earlier... I guess I haven't been waiting long enough. *keeps waiting patiently* (9 hours, 52 minutes later...) Still not so much as a simple response...? Is there somewhere else I could post this where I would get a reply quicker?
  5. Hello! I've got a slightly unusual code request for you: Could you make an Action Replay code for Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl that edits the four choices of appearance a player is given by the Psychic (?) in the Oreburgh City Pokemon Center? When a player starts a new game, he or she gets four random, permanent appearance options out of eight possible ones, but some of these options are, well, not desirable. The only codes I've found similar to this proposal are these, for Diamond and Pearl: Male Trainer Icon Modifiers (press L+R) - Edits current icon, not the 4 icon options at Oreburgh
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