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  1. I like manpahy,mew is fail HYDRATION FTW!!!
  2. I found a shiny oddish in pokemon emerald,i though it was a glitch[i didin't know about shines then] so i evolved it and it did'nt change color so i was like ????? but i kept it and later found out it was shiny
  3. Yea i prefer the mystery dungeon games a LOT
  4. Yea,welcome i think with pokesav ANYONE can fully enjoy the pokemon games.If you want your pokemon legal then i suggest useing the .pkmn files to upload them and then edit from there
  5. 1.Scyther 2.Rhyperior 3.Magmortar 4.Palkia 5.Shadow Lugia or Ho-Oh
  6. I just wanted to introduce myself,i'm no stranger to pokesav or competitive battleing but a stranger to the fourm and to this site. I also know Sabrestite so uhm....hey everyone
  7. Oh my gosh. You guys are AWESOME! For all this time i've been scared to show my pokesavs in trade because i didint know how to make their locations and stuff legit...but you guys did it. And i couldent make pokesavs that would work on PBR but with you guys' .pkmn files for pokesav you pretty much fixed that,just wanted to say thanks and keep up the awesome work
  8. I like both but i'd have to say Mystery dungeon because ranger causes a little bit of damage to your DS[all the spinning]
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