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  1. Like the topic says. There's a question mark in one of my slots. When I go to my party through the main menu, there's an empty spot. However, when I try and withdraw one from storage into the party, it says my party's full. I look at it through the "party pokemon" button at the bottom and there it is. What's going on?! It's strange. I've never had this problem before now. Luckily, I have a save from before this started occurring. But now I'm back one gym..
  2. I'm sorry. It only shows up in the National Dex? More idiocy from me.
  3. Hey guys, first time posting here. Not sure whether this belongs here but here goes. I hacked a Caterpie in my Platinum game. I didn't hatch it from an egg but took it straight from the box in the PC. Pretty retarded. Now, when I look at the summary for it, the Pokedex entry is ??? Is there any way to fix this? I've tried to meet it in a random encounter, I've tried hatching it, but it still doesn't get added T_T And I've already saved my game. Any help would be appreciated.
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