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  1. Hey, is there any way i could play Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddys Kong Quest (SNES) on my supercard? (slot-1) and if so, how. I need to listen to the music *_*..
  2. Ok i want it to be an ar code and the pokemon to be given by the green man in the pokemart and in platinum and if possible to make the code as short as possible! :smile:
  3. Arcanine<3


    Hey! I'm Arcanine<3. I obviously love Arcanines. I like competitive battling, and will be ready for battles soon. I speak a little French, and own a hamster. I'm interested in journalism too.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am Rex from the old site pokesav underground or what ever it was called. I will probably stick around. :grog:
  5. Entei

    Hey Guys!

    Hello guys how are you doing
  6. Laden


    Hey I'm Laden But My Real Name Is Ash. I'm 12 Years Old And Already Own A Copy Of Heart Gold =P Cya You All Around :rolleyes: Laden
  7. Mew!

    Hey Guys!

    Hey guys I'm Mew! but i think you can already tell soooo....like hey
  8. I'm not good at introductions, so I'll make this quick. The names Dead Silence. I'm new here (obviously). I hope to enjoy myself, and make a few friends.
  9. Hey guys, I am looking for the yellow forest pikachu UT dialga Lv1 UT Palkia lv 1 UT and giratina UT thats all all must be UT and Birthday chimchar I am offering Spain regigigas Eigakan darkrai PokeFeasta Electabuzz PokeFesta Magmar Palkia Lv70 UT
  10. Psytrin


    Just making an introduction here. I'm part of the crowd that's hyped for HG/SS, and I played it early. (ROM, >.>) My favorite pokemon is Absol (shocker), and I haven't found a legit shiny on my NDS games (Mankey on Fire Red, it's SOOO useful.). I have Platinum and Diamond, and am planning to get Heart Gold when the english version comes out. Now I need a working DS. Anyways, I'll see you around this board!
  11. Hello everyone. I'm a huge pokemon gamer, I have all generations (but not all versions) of pokemon. My mainstay is on catching, searching, and evolving pokemon. Sometimes trading online. I am a huge Red fan (lol). Now enough about pokemon related topics . I love acting and performing. I love oranges (random). Cold Play and Radio Head are my favorite bands. I love sleeping in on weekends and I have a weakness for sweets. Looking forward to making friends here .
  12. Xen

    Hey, sup?

    Hello, I'm new here. =) It's me or you have a new design for gold/silver? Really good style, better than the old version. :grog:
  13. I've been looking for a community built server on shoddy and project pokemon was the one, now that I familized myself with the people in shoddy I'll try to get to know the ppl around the site too. I'm memjee I'm from toronto. Just graduated from high school, but I'm going back for a victory lap because I love school (Not the subjects) and all my freinds failed. yea that's pretty much it... great site
  14. New here, I've been at PokeCommunity since 2005, but I've just started with Pokesav and they don't take too kindly to hacking over there.
  15. Beserk


    Hello, im new here. I really like to battle, so i battle alot everday. My days are usually i do good the first couple of battles and then go into a slump as i battle more and more so i usually stop for like 30 mins and then get back in the game lol. This place looked cool so i joined up =].
  16. Darkrai204


    Hi, I'm Darkrai204. You may have seen me on the TPT forums. I heard about this site through your Shoddy Battle server, and although I probably won't visit the forums much, you'll see me on the Shoddy server every so often.
  17. Hey wasup, I'm TPM and I'm from E.P.T.C Forums
  18. where did project pokemon go?? i have not been able to sign in forever now and i miss my server lol... it was like my pokemon home and now its gone. so im quite upsett if anyone can answer this pleasee do so!! thank you!! btw my computer got some megaaa virus! and i spent like a week battling it lol but i lost and it deleted my hard drive haha soooo i got this brand new computer and its amazing. i used torrents (which is very dangerous if im not safe) and got most of my tools and software back and installed alot of anti virus software and firewalls lol. but i lost everything so its very upsetting but ill survive! and my saved pokemon teams are gone! i had like 40!! i worked soo hard ughhh like i spent so much time working on a team that was good enough so i could pwn the competition with it and smogonoobs (favorite word) ohhh wraith! i got a frog!!! haha i wonder if they can really fart though i originally got a goldfish first but the demon within my sister and i came out. we filled the tank with some alcohol and put the fish in and it died in 6 seconds! haha i felt bad but that was the second time i deliberately killed an animal. the other one was a mouse, which i captured and through in the toilet lol. it drowned AND one time i was mowing the lawn and a bunny jumped in front and i accidentally ran over it, now that was scary lol. haha well so summers been good. there has been like 3 parties i have gone too, and it was fun i didnt hook up with anyone though, but i got a girl for the summer so its all goooood! but the one i liked before summer mellisa well shes back from vacation so i might just leave my one girl and try to get with mellisa again lol. and i totally know its bad but seriously its not like im getting married to any of these girls right?? so i just want to be happy with the best and im also very happy i have been studying in the summer and the tutors that were assigned to me said im smarter then my brother (he got accepted into one of the top universities in the US) so that made me feel good and im more determined to dominate the world lol im probably writing in the wrong section so i apologize for that lol please dont like ban me for this and move it to the correct location. but i just miss chatting with yall so i thought id share with you whats been going on. kk just thought id drop by and say hello hope everyone is doing well! peace homies!
  19. Hi people of Project Pokemon! I'm Seredio. I've loved Pokemon for far too long now, and I decided to register here to interact more with the community. BTW, isn't the GTS fantastic/ silly? I traded my level 1 Turtwig (a discard from the line of IV-Turtwigs I'm breeding) for a level 70 Dialga. Madness.
  20. OhLulz

    Hey guys!

    Hey, I just joined here. To say about myself, well..... I like the word (not sure if you can call it a word ) "lulz" a lot, I try to play competitively though I suck at it, and I love collecting event Pokemon. Unfortunately, I don't have a flashcart, so I can't upload any event Pokemon. ): Yeah...I don't have much to say about myself....though I hope to have a great time here!
  21. Hey man, a buddy told me 'bout this site, looks pretty cool. I used pokesav before but I had no idea you guys had such a cool site. So many cool stuff on this site, PokeMod looks interesting, Legal.exe looks nice, a bunch of stuff I can download, really cool yo. Hey, I got a bit of coding experience too ya know, I took a course in school on it, didn't do too bad, I did ace the course, literally. Maybe I could try programming my own thing, looks like there's some talented people here who could help. Does anyone know VBE? :grog: to this site mates, can't wait to get jumping around.
  22. Hey, Just signed up and glad to be here. ~Elite_Riku
  23. Thanks people who helped me, I know how PokéSav works now. I made a Pokémon... What do you think of it? Pikachu (Pikachu) OT: RED (From RBY/GSC) Sassy nature May 26 2000 (Random date) Kanto Apparantly met at Lv. 5. Moves are Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, Surf, Iron Tail. LOL, and thanks people. PS: Isn't PokéSav genius?
  24. xCrysisvx


    Hey, everybody. I've had a look at the site, and I'd like to say that the site is AWESOME. And, I'd to become an active part of the site, and I am glad to be a part of a site this good.
  25. New to the forums. Glad to be here. Ready to learn everything I can about this amazing thing called Pokemon.:kikkoman:
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