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  1. Yeah I did got Pokemon White back when it came out in the Fall. T.T I couldn't wait.
  2. I picked Oshawott I liked water types nevr had much luck with grass I like fire types but I picked the fire type in my JPN game. I named him Walden. XD
  3. I did the same exact thing. Did you try update the code with key items unmarked? deleting the code you used for the key items? I dunno.. The only code less way to fix this would re-start the game over (that's what I had to do) You kinda need the Rocket Grunt part to get to Misty.
  4. Says no new product updates are available
  5. ok thank you so much! AR is working with HG/SS.... is just doesn't seem to like Pokemon White.
  6. Ok here is the codes there is only two. I tried them both and I get a white screen and I have to restart.
  7. Ok but the menu where you put the words at where do I go to get those words? Like I said I know no Japanese/Kanji at all. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?4636-Unlocking-Mystery-Gift I used this for HG is there someone who can do the same for White/Black?
  8. Need some help please! I have Pokemon White and I added some codes to my AR the problem is when I load said codes my screen turns white and won't load my game. Should I get a new AR? (Kinda thinking this one is pretty old) Or is it the codes? I don't know what is going on here. Any help is greatly appreciated. Posted this here because I didn't know where else to post it so if this is in the wrong spot then feel free to move it.
  9. Ummn I am Kanji stupid I know where the guy is for the Transfer Machine I know the phrase I just don't understand the menu The Staff Easy for communication. is the phrase right? But how do I get to where the word is? I don't understand Kanji at all and I'm confused. Also http://www.pokemon-gl.com/ doesn't work for me I tried clicking on the poke balls and nothing happens any help is appreciated.
  10. Here is my spiky eared Pichu enjoy spikyeared1.pkm
  11. I have LeafGreen and Fire Red and there is no Spiky Eared Pichu. If I am not mistaken (forgive me I tend to forget things) you can't even get it in the old Silver and Gold Versions. There is a spiky eared Pichu but you can only get it in Soul Silver or Heart Gold. Do you have pics that has said Pichu in the game? If so then either this is something that isn't known.
  12. it's moving side to side and the Magnet Train is working as well. T.T Any suggestions what I should do. Maybe I have to beat the last gym leader than go beat Misty. I might have to start over again. >.>;;
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