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  1. So I am new to pkhex but I want to try something different. I don't have the software to create modded pokemon so I am hoping someone will accept the challenege I propose. So here it goes: 1. Gen 1-8 Non shiny pokemon 2. From their original games. So charizard from kanto...lugia from jotoh...etc 3. All trainer names and id numbers randomized including secret id. So it doesnt look like you dumbed a giant batch from one person. 4. All Pokemon in random balls. Because there seems to be a standard that pkhex uses and when you play swsh you can tell when you see a Pokemon come from certain rare balls. 5. Perfect IV's and EV's 6. Holding random power items or balls. So not all master balls Not sure if all of this is possible. I think it can be done after reading the tutorials but I don't have the hardware to do it. Let me know what toy think.
  2. Basically I'm trying to randomize the process so these pokemon don't look like they came from a hex editor if someone scanned it.
  3. First of All I am new to all of this and do not know if what I want to attempt is possible. I am looking for someone to create some pokemon or tell me how to do it in the editor using specific criteria. I am trying to create the national pokedex with the following: 1. Non shiny 2. All random generated trainer names and numbers 3. All random generated secret id numbers 4. All Pokemon perfect IV and EV 5. All the galar Pokemon holding random items 6. All locations caught and seen from original games. So charizard from kanto etc. Can this be done? Thanks for help and if this isnt the right board can a mod move it?
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