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Found 5 results

  1. Fixedys


    The names Fixedys, and i'm just an average Pokemon fan! Heard of this site, and thought to sign up!
  2. Hey, I'm new to pokegen, and to my knowledge the pokemon I made were legit. However, I used Pokecheck and found this isn't quite the case. Can I get any tips on how to make my pokemon more realistic? Here's a pic:
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum and more-or-less to Pokemon. I'd like to add/edit in Pokemon, mainly to streamline the breeding process (i.e., editing myself a box of Dittos with every nature, rather than trying to catch them one at a time until I have every nature) and to provide myself with Pokemon I would probably not be able to get otherwise (i.e. 1st gen Pokemon, Pokemon from events I missed a long time ago). I don't have any interest in creating illegal Pokemon. Here's the thing. All I have is Pokemon Platinum, a Nintendo DSi, and an ARDSi. Using generated AR codes to do everything seems pretty inelegant, but I don't really know where to start in order to work directly with the save file. I've read about needing flash cards, slot this or that, but nowhere I've found has really gotten very specific with the explanations. So besides the programs listed in the guide for creating legal Pokemon, what else do I need to get started? Secondly, I want to use this method to jump start a breeding program, like I mentioned. Playing catch-up with the folks who've been catching 'em all since before the GBA days. I figure I could create some breeding stock, like the Dittos I was talking about. My thinking is that I can create legal Pokemon to breed with, and since it's impossible by definition to get illegal Pokemon within the game itself, the resulting offspring will also be legal and quasi-legit. I figure there has to be a flaw in my thinking, but I'm not sure where. Thoughts? I know getting newcomers on track is tiresome. Thanks for reading.
  4. Ohaithar [Oh, hi there], call me Zanhi or Tommy. I'm a 14 year old Canadian. I'm Asian; a super duper Asian. I'm a super awesome person to know; always happy. 'Kay, my favorite music would be J-Rock/Pop/Metal. I'm not a crazy fan of metal, though. My favorite food would be almost anything meat. I despise vegetables; unless it's already inside the meat. No, I'm not fat. My buddies in real life call me anorexic. My ambition is to become a great animator. I'm getting through the basics of animating and making basic stick-man animations. Alright, my favorite genre of television shows would be Anime. Basically any non-futuristic Anime, and I'll watch it. My favorite reads would be Manga. I'll read some big mystery books once in a while.
  5. I just registered for the project pokemon forums. I love the site, and have downloaded pokesav from here. I also use this site's collection of pkms. This is great. I joined the forums because I am interested in ROM hacking my pokemon diamond game. I would like to add my own fakemon into the game. I have downloaded PPRE, and .NET Framework 2.0, and I was hoping you guys to point me in the right direction from here. I know next-to-nothing about ROM hacking, but would love to learn how to use the PPRE program to add my fakemon. If you guys could either explain how to do this to me, or direct me to the appropriate forum, I would be very grateful. Thanks for your time, and I hope someone will help me get my fakemon into my game. :grog: ~Emeraldragon
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