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  1. I believe many players of Ruby and Sapphire are looking for this cheat code calculator only to find that after so many years or months, the site is no more and the calculator is lost to the world forever. Fret not! I found it... again amongst in my old files so I am uploading this program for all to benefit. Get it now! This program is as rare or impossible to find as you would encounter a wild legit Mew! Pls inform me if I am violating any rules or anything. rs_calc_en_12_setup.zip
  2. hey in no$gba, the code for Action Replay for Fire Red is not functioning. It gives a question mark instead of a tick box.
  3. Hi as far as I can remember I was using a cheat code generator for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald to do something like Pokesav but you have to input in in Codebreaker/VGA or blah blah blah.... Anyone remembers?
  4. What drew you to like about Pokemon? The creatures themselves.etc Discuss
  5. I know, everyone is still reeling from the nightmare. But I think after "Dragonball Devolution", one would think that it would be a Japanese company who might be doing the movie.
  6. if this concept is to take off fanfic or reality... I think we need to think back why did we fall in love with Pokemon in the first place Is it the creatures themselves or the human characters or the training we put thru our fellow pokemon? What's the appeal of the franchise? For me it's the number of creature designs that kept my passion alive but I stopped watching the anime for good. And also some of those kids that first played Pokemon Red/Blue are probably now young adults in their twenties, I am one of those.
  7. Hi I am new here, I just wanna know which file in the nds rom do I extract for trainer data editing.
  8. Hey guys I know it sounds silly but I was wonder when one day the Pokemon Anime eventually comes to an end. I was think what if they can make Pokemon alive on the silver screen with state of the art CGI like the ones they used in Transformers. This is also for a fic I am coming up with. I just wanna see what the fans think.
  9. I think pokemon as a whole help real animals. Think about this, if we play pokemon. I think at least we will be keeping the wildlife alone rather than shooting wildlife for that similar kind of high we get when we capture a legendary for example.
  10. Yanma... As all of us know, dragonflies have wingless nymphs that are savage aquatic predators. So maybe it can be a water/bug type combo and can do water gun and bug bite/ bite.
  11. Hi I am Poke888. I am a newcomer I just joined becos I like hacking my roms. And also I am in need of some opinions on a life action Pokemon movie fic
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