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  1. Hello! I'm a Floridian too; I live in Sarasota. Anyway, enjoy your stay here!
  2. I think I'd be Munchlax. [sprite]446[/sprite] I'm chubby and I love eating, but I'm very hyperactive (not necessarily in the exercise sense) and usually ridiculously cheerful. ...Now that I think about it, Munchlax looks a lot like Chowder.
  3. I'll listen to anything but really dumb rap and death metal/screamo. I really like alternative rock, 80s rock (not bands like Aerosmith or KISS, though, ugh), progressive metal, and indie. My favorite bands include Coheed & Cambria, Pain Of Salvation, The Police, Oingo Boingo, Cake, Dead Celebrity Status, Tub Ring, Flobots, and The Decemberists.
  4. I believe that two consenting adults, regardless of gender, should be allowed to marry (or at least have a civil union if their church of choice frowns upon that sort of thing) with all the same rights that heterosexual couples get. Everyone deserves the right to be happy and to love, as far as I am concerned.
  5. Hehe, my sister's middle name is Kai. Anyway, welcome!
  6. Anyone want to have a go? No ubers (including Garchomp) is all I ask--most of my team are UU/NU. One-on-one level 100 battle. My info is in my signature--contact me on MSN (melesmelda@yahoo.com) or AIM (BadgerDemon309) if you want. :]
  7. I'd love to see a Kangaskhan pre-evo; Kangaskhan was one of my favorite Pokemon back in the R/B/Y days (my first level 100 Pokemon, actually), and I'm shocked that there's no baby pre-evolution or male version. Instead we get Pokemon that don't quite need them getting a baby version, like Marill. >.>
  8. [shinysprite]162[/shinysprite] No contest.
  9. The first one, for sure. I lived in Grand Cayman at the time, and we got movies 2-4 months after they were released in the States. I remember some kid in my class coming back from the US and telling us all about it, then the excitement of finally going to see it. It's just such an enjoyable movie. I have it on my computer--I think I'll watch it again tonight.
  10. Moulin Rouge! is definitely my favorite--just absolutely fantastic sets, costumes, music, acting... Ewan McGregor has the sexiest voice ever. Other than that, most animated films, especially Watership Down.
  11. Totodile has always been my favorite--it's so cute, sounded like Donald Duck in the anime, and I dig crocs and gators.
  12. I always was the Bulbasuar sort.
  13. Mine was a silver Pinsir from the Bug-Catching Contest in Silver. I was super excited to have a shiny all my own! My sister caught a green Kakuna there, too, and she used the Beedrill on her team. I forget if I did the same for my Pinsir, since my teams tend to be based around if I like the Pokemon's appearance or not, and I'm not crazy about Pinsir, but man, I'd like to have another just for nostalgia's sake.
  14. Number 3, yes, that's what I forgot to do. o_o And thank you, the first one did help--doing a bit more poking around and finding things I missed. As for number 2, will that code work in Diamond? Should have specified that. But what I was asking for is the EVs you need to input in Pokesav when you're making one--should I just max out two and randomize the rest? What's a decent randomization of them?
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