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  1. Beyond the Deoxys, Meloeta, Dancie, requests above Im trying to get magearna. Im not 100% that I will be able to even obtain them to tranfer to Pokemon HOME I am hoping it is because they did appear on Pokémon GO so possibly an option. I have approx 25 more pokemon that aren't drastically rare that I need to also collect to complete my HOME national living dex, the ones Listed above are the rarer and challenging to acquire. Im only beginning to learn to operate PKHeX, and would prefer not to make mistakes, especially when attempting to acquire all 4 forms of deoxys and if any I listed can be shiny and not shiny locked by the game that would be preferred as well. I know using Smogen for proper builds that are compatible, as a guide for avoiding red flags is part of the process, but beyond that Im still making sure to read all the info for using PKHeX still. Any help would be appreciated, I didnt see any info on the discord bot system that would allow for requesting them using the simple bot trade method when trading to HOME? Thanks everyone Reaper
  2. So nickname reaper was given to me after I clinically died twice, and got brought back. Just thought something beyond pokemon to share about myself. I have encountered Project Pokémon on a lot of forums or youtube videos, and It was awhile ago and not 100% but I think I even used discord pre- BDSP release. I found it again today while looking into different ways to get some of the more problematic lower ease of acquiring mon to finish my National dex. Deoxys, Meleota, Dancie, etc not 100% if I will find a method to obtain them, & still have some pokemon to obtain that are not available in the games with switch except GO. I am sure I will be able to obtain them trading in home eventually. Trading Deoxys with each form and the others is less likely. Another penalty of living in the sticks with no GO gyms, stops, or other places to participate in most events, and like MewTwoX, Deoxys passed me by without a chance to get it from GO, need to figure something out for that. I keep playing it and have obtained some pokemon I never would have any other way, so even in the middle of nowhere I have had some benefit. I have some programming exp, DevOps, & opensource project participation so If I can be helpful not just get the benefits of others work Im more than happy too. I have seen discord channels with bot requests that using smogen to make a build properly compatible with the game you set it up obtain via trade it gives you but want to get a better understanding on using PKHeX and the wider toolbox, and also meet others on here to connect with. Thats me thanks reaper
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