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  1. I'm still sold on a baby cow and beetle. Male Cow ---> Tauros Female Cow ---> Miltank Beetle with higher Def ---> Pinsir Beetle with higher SpDef ---> Heracross Now how epic would those be =)
  2. I had to go with Lugia on this one. Back in GSC it was the first bird I got. Ho-oH was Uber hard to get in Crystal and I couldn't get Gold =( Also, Lugia's Aeroblast was the best looking move back in Gen ll while Sacred Fire was meh =/
  3. Finally, Platinum Sprites!!! Took me a while to figure out how to do this but it worked eventually. Its gonna be fun seeing the HG/SS Gyarados all over the place
  4. Mew two > Mew all the way. Seriously mewtwo was the strongest pokemon for over 10 years. It took game freak so long to finally make a pokemon stronger than it. Also in RBY, nothing was able to beat Amnesia Mewtwo.
  5. I'll go get a gang of Gyarados, Salamence, Tyranitar and wreak havoc on innocent villaers that live in the middle of nowhere. Then i would make them my prisoners and try to conquer the 20acre area =/
  6. How can you not love this little thing? Anyway, the only reason I see Jolt as the best eeveelution is Volt Absorb and base 130 speed. Volt Absorb is an amazing ability and really helps offensive teams with an Electric Immunity and also with base 130 speed it can outrun a lot of things. Also, Specs + Jolt = 0wnage.
  7. Dimi

    One Move Sweep

    Wow. I can't believe Meteor Mash hit that many times -.- For me it usually hits once then misses next turn. Also, I did a sweep like this before, But mine was alternating Mashes/Bullet Punches. Still epic though.
  8. Wraith you only won because you're a hax0rz. Was a really good battle anyway. Also Physcially defensive mewtwo is so wierd... Also that Mewtwo is taunt bait. At least have a move on it >.>
  9. I just can't choose. They're both so epic. One is devastating in the sun the other in the rain. Evil Tree =/= Deformed Mexican Duck =/
  10. Vileplume all the way =/ Good defenses and decent SpAtk. Also Vileplume Subseeds way better than Victreebel
  11. All time most favorite shiny: Other ones that i like: The most ugliest things in life:
  12. Dimi

    Ho-oh for OU?

    Ho-oh for OU? Seriously? 130 Atk, 154 SpD, Roost, Recover and lets not forget its 110 SpA. These are my damage calcs. Ho-oH Sacred Fire vs 252 Hp/Def Scizor With Choice Band: 591 Atk vs 328 Def & 344 HP (100 Base Power): 780 - 916 (226.74% - 266.28%) With Life Orb: 394 Atk vs 328 Def & 344 HP (100 Base Power): 672 - 792 (195.35% - 230.23%) No way Scizor could've had Occa because it said CB in the description.
  13. Lets try to ban his Floatzel like you guys tried to ban my Gyara >.> Also, if pokemon died i think we would all be 1st degree murderers
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