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  1. Two plant Pokemon of the old times... quite obscure nowadays because everyone is busy staring at the new more powerful Grass Pokes... [sprite]071[/sprite] [shinysprite]071[/shinysprite] VICTREEBEL GRASS/POISON HP: 80 Atk: 105 Def: 65 SpA: 100 SpDef: 60 Spe: 70 BST: 480 Advantages: - Has good attack power for both sides of the spectrum - Can boost both its physical and special attack in some form - Chlorophyll boosts its speed to insane levels - Decent speed for a grasser - Learns a variety of status moves to disable its foes - Learns Sleep Powder earlier than other grassers - Has some powerful physical and special attack on its side - Can learn Leaf Storm and Leaf Blade, and can be useful in a mixed set Disadvantages: - It is very frail and cannot survive Moltres's Fire Blast like it used to back in RBY when its special was 100 - Its movepool is rather lacking and can only resort to Solarbeam/Sludge Bomb/Leaf Blade/Return/Sucker Punch for its attacks (and it doesn't get Gunk Shot or even Poison Jab while other random stuff get it) - Growth is too slow for pumping up Special attacks - Stays with Vine Whip for the first few levels of it being Bellsprout for its STAB attack... and has to wait until it becomes a Weepinbell until it learns Acid... and learns Razor Leaf SO late - Outclassed by a few others like Leafeon and Tangrowth for physical sweeping and Vileplume in special sweeping (it has the defenses to actually set up) - Rather forgotten due to the other grassers out there [sprite]045[/sprite] [shinysprite]045[/shinysprite] VILEPLUME GRASS/POISON HP: 75 Atk: 80 Def: 85 SpA: 100 SpDef: 90 Spe: 50 BST: 480 Advantages: - Sturdier than its counterpart - Can utilize the Sunnybeam set more effectively due to its bulk - Chlorophyll can help it outspeed things with the sun - Is able to use status moves to disable its opponents - Can act as a cleric with Aromatherapy Disadvantages: - Slower than Victreebel and isn't geared to be a sweeper - Has a limited movepool - Does not have good physical moves to use unlike its counterpart and is therefore relegated to a few roles - Outclassed by other good grassers such as Celebi - Absorb is its first move... and it doesn't learn much else until it becomes a Gloom - It learns Sleep Powder later than Bellsprout, but that's almost a nonissue - Requires an event to get Leech Seed on it - Rather obscure and people forgot about it Vote which one you like and give a reason why. I like both, honestly, to tell you the truth, but since I always start off partial... I'll pick Victreebel because of old nostalgia sake I used one in my Blue team... and in Leaf Green I used one with Swords Dance + Sludge Bomb back when Sludge Bomb was physical.
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