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  1. Oh if Route 42 is fully missing from the reference files that would explain it!
  2. Hm any idea why the mons have illegal flags on em then? False positive?
  3. Hello! I ripped my save from my VC Crystal out so I could play it faster in BGB. While playing I used this headbutt guide to find trees that would give me Aipom and Heracross. Both show up as illegal saying they can't find a tree that matches my save. Given I used only a guide to pick the tree, I'm not sure how that is so I'm clearly missing something. Attached the whole save for reference. Aipom and Heracross are in BOX 1 crystal.sav
  4. So what's campaign 2 then? EDIT: Are these a different set of distributions than the ones that had the weird moves on em (like Zap Cannon Squirtle for Gen 2 or Wish Chansey for Gen 3)?
  5. Are you guys looking to differentiate box sprites for shinies / forms that aren't displayed natively on box sprites (like Alcremie forms)? That was a feature I always liked in old PKHex and I even made a bunch of Alcremie box sprites y'all could use
  6. Hey, with the pkparaiso ones up are you stopping your work here? I don't see the backsprite style on their site
  7. Hi! Is there a list of the movelist changes / the shadow moves that were created for the game? EDIT: I see it's in the documentation, thank you! I didn't realize the extent of the changes to movesets so I will definitely be keeping an eye on these docs as I play. Thanks and great work!
  8. Only mistake I can see is Solar Beam Gigalith: it has actually always had this as a TM move. Boldore didn't, though!
  9. Hello! I'd responded to a thread elsewhere but this looks closer to the right place. When hitting export on my save, and confirming the location, PKHex is closing without actually saving anything. I've tried over-writing, saving in new locations, redownloading PKHex, getting a fresh save, and it happens every time without fail. I CAN export Pokemon. If it helps or matters, I'm usually running PkHEX in a dropbox folder. My next step is trying it outside that. This has never been an issue before, though, including with this version. Also going to try a PC reboot mod edit (please d
  10. I am now having a similar bug, but when I am trying to export my save the program is simply crashing and closing. I lost a lot of work earlier before I was backing up my pk7s (which save fine) but I can't seem to get a save exported now EDIT: I tried pulling a new save from my cart and it still won't work. I've tried saving to a different location (it's usually in a Dropbox). I have battles to do tomorrow so I would really like to get these working
  11. I had repeatedly set an Ultra Moon origin but it indeed had flipped back to Moon when I wasn't paying attention. Thanks!
  12. Hi! I'm making a competitive team and I wanted to put Earth Power on Gastrodon, as it is tutorable in USUM. All the online dexes say it can get it, but it flags as illegal in PKHex 20191114 if I try. Any ideas what could be causing the issue? Are all the dexes wrong or is there some other factor I'm missing?
  13. Hello! This Typhlosion and Feraligatr are unmodified from when I received them in AS and carried them forward to USUM. It says they can't match an origin encounter and they're missing a Classic Ribbon. But again, I haven't touched them at all. Seems odd! 157 - Typhlosion - 5BA7E948506C.pk7 160 - Feraligatr - E670500C3102.pk7
  14. For some reason my game is flagging this mon as illegal EDIT: right, forgot the distro isn't out in north america yet, that'll do it
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