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  1. Hello! I would just like to ask, do we have a list of all Pokemon with special Pokemon moves that otherwise wouldn't be learned aside from the event itself? (Excluding Celebrate, Happy Hour, Hold Hands, etc) I recently just found out about Draco Meteor Jirachi, and I really would like to try gathering all these exclusive move Pokemon in my Sword and Shield game, and probably even make them battle ready just for fun. I believe Sludge Wave Gengar is also one of them, but do we have an actual list that we could go through so searching from Database would take less time, just in case? Thank you very much!
  2. Thanks for the reply! Does that mean we would need a real Pokemon with that specific move that originated from Home, before we can edit things on it after transferring to our Sword and Shield game?
  3. Hi! I wanna make some Pokemon with access to new moves. But I can't seem to create them properly without errors. What should I do if I were to create a Pokemon and I want it to have a move that should have been from a Pokemon that was from the previous generation, (Toxic Mantine, Knock Off Conkeldurr) and I created one that was born in Galar? It shows an error with the moves even though I created a clean one that was assuming was from a Home-Mantine. What should I do?
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