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  1. I looking at both: the pokedex and the battle, I could not see any difference
  2. All missing genre forms ( gen 2) Notes: Girafaring males were missing; Steelix, you can clone backsprites. Edit: Add wooper-f that are missing Upload unown-a back shiny to the repository, @theSLAYER, is missing
  3. ( i edited my post where there are goldeen check it) if you see now, the horn of the shiny form are more bigger than goldeen non shiny f (is the male, i cant doing more xD)
  4. Gender forms gen 1 (final part) zubat male are missing (are female forms) raticate are both male forms Edit: add alakazam-f back
  5. I mean the sprites in general, many genre forms are missing, so I'm capturing and removing them, there are many (I also have to check if they refer to the pokemon in particular) (eg: back hypno the ones that were missing are the males, and they were badly named) I am orienting with the wikidex website, there are the male goldeen front if you need it
  6. Missing gender form gen 1 (first part) edit: add male shiny goldeen
  7. @Andrew1207I have not forgotten you. here you are, good luck removing the background and in the project(I got confused and there are only 3 attacks = 3 gifs)
  8. without any problem, as always to help. Thanks to you for capturing the sprites!
  9. mm then it was pokemon showdown who had chosen them wrong
  10. @theSLAYER, sad, well dont worry, im with backsprites
  11. I already know why the 6gen sprites are not compatible with 7gen, in 7th gen, there are 9 files that contain the sprites, while in 6 there are only 8, anyway I upload it to you and tests, although I do not think it is possible files pikachulibre.zip
  12. i dont understand you xD, 33 fps, its the pkparaiso fps that they recorder wait a minute, I'm uploading the files