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  1. I will try to capture steelix well, but its loop is so big that I do not know if it will be worth it
  2. I do not know what animations you mean @Lessangel, but the only ones where zecrom and reshiram have the tail on are these:
  3. no @Ellicrum, I just captured them as I wanted, the original form is this too much into the left
  4. the texture of the pikachu-libre is bug, I've been like 4h trying different things but unfortunately it's impossible, at least in my game. If someone knows what happens, comment on it here With these sprites I think all the relevant ones would already be there. If somebody thinks that there is a lack that puts it here and I will try to capture it as soon as possible. Tomorrow I will update the link without background.
  5. @Lessangel I checked if zecrom and reshiram were well captured and yes they were
  6. hi @strikker123, this is not a thread to request sprites, this is a thread to capture the missing sprites. the measures we are using are those determined by pokeparaiso, all with zoomout. I'm sorry for not being able to help you
  7. uploaded link https://mega.nz/#F!NlNyGKqZ!i-QbrdK8qfzebvUJJBpObw @Lessangel added: folder as called "sprites fix" where the kyurem sprites are
  8. I have been checking which were the most relevant backsprites-f that were missing and I think that there are 3 pokemon that are missing: Heracross-f (normal + shiny), snover (normal-f, shiny-m) and hippopotas- f (normal + shiny). I have captured and removed the background:
  9. in https://www.wikidex.net
  10. uploaded link https://mega.nz/#F!NlNyGKqZ!i-QbrdK8qfzebvUJJBpObw added a folder called "shinyback arceus" where are all the arceus back shinys