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  1. The 02 value is for Pokemon caught in the grass where you find regular Pokemon. Shaymin's not on grass. A good guide for these values can be found here... http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=218&highlight=guide
  2. The only value for Shaymin is the 46h: 3F. Everything else is zero. It's like that in D/P, too... I don't know where you got that 02 for Shaymin from.
  3. Can you get the Legend Ribbon in these 2 games? I've gotten a Ho-oh and an Articuno that both have those ribbons from HG/SS, and everything else about them looks fine, but I'm just curious.
  4. @ Poke J: Yeah, I can tell you, I'll edit this post with the value asap. EDIT: Hex 46h is 3F. @ monkjr Yeah, I can do that. It still wouldn't be legal, though. IVs don't match a shiny algorithm... if someone gave me a legal shiny PID and ID/SID, I could make a legal one.
  5. The files were taken down to be checked for legality and for the download section to be redesigned. They'll be back as soon as possible. Which file do you need? Maybe I have it and can post it.
  6. Yo, reyes. Here's your code. L + R to use, Platinum, and Dragonite goes in Box 1, Slot 1. Any errors, changes, or problems? Tell me and I'll fix 'em! Enjoy.
  7. Heya, derrick. Think you could breed me a Growlithe that knows Morning Sun? I don't care about the nature/IVs, so any with that move will do. I could give you one of the Dragon Trio for it, an NoK Arcanine, a V. Tackle/Flail Pika, or a B-Day Chimchar when I get it (Maybe today or tomorrow).
  8. Aarux


    Go here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4237
  9. Well, crap, I don't have any type of flashcart, so I have no idea how you do anything like that. I don't think anyone knows how to do that right now, lol. >_> But maybe someone does, I don't know.
  10. Aarux


    You should ask one of the artists at Narwhal's thread to add/edit things in the image. They can make some really nice sigs. I just resized it to an appropriate sig size, not edit anything. :bidoof:
  11. Awesome job translating this, da_letter_a. The text looks great. And the pictures make it look spectacular... they look nice.
  12. Aarux


    Welcome to PP, fauntix. I'm Aarux. Fauntix... that's fun to say, lol. Would this be a good resize? Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay around here.
  13. I don't think it's possible for MYSTRY Mew to be shiny. Even if it were able to, I doubt there'd be an IV set that matches the correct algorithm that stays shiny. It's really difficult for me to make a legal shiny from the wild (PID/IV Generator does not work on Mac, so I must keep inputting IVs till I get a shiny algorithm,) so making a legal shiny event would be... bad. >_>
  14. Gimp 2.6. If Photoshop were free, I'd get it. I can't buy stuff off the Net, though, so I'm sticking with Gimp till my parents let me buy PS, haa.
  15. @ monkjr: I'll make a code... what game is it for? @ WindCero: No problem, glad you like.
  16. What? If you're looking for HG/SS Pokesav, there's already one made and another one translated around here somewhere.
  17. Yeah, 46h values have the same purpose as they have in Plat. Since all Johto Pokemon are from Farwayplace, they have to have those values... how fun. Anyone here able to do some lists for the values?
  18. I don't know what NetCat is, but I run Pokesav on my Mac. There's an application called CrossOver that you can use to run most Windows apps on Mac. Pokesav works, but legal.exe and the PID/IV Generator are some things that don't work... It's not free, but you can get demos for 30/60 days.
  19. Here's one for both the WC and the gift... If you need it changed, tell me.
  20. We still need to know all the new 46h values. And those are a lot of values. >_> And thanks for making a list, Wylfred.
  21. Yeah, I can do all that. Here's your code. It's for Plat, L + R to use, and it'll make the guy in green uniform show up at a PokeMart to give you Arceus. Any changes needed? Tell me, enjoy.
  22. The shiny Pokemon's algorithms don't match. That's probably why they show up as hacked. Since they were caught in the wild, it should match, but these don't.
  23. I just got my first shiny on Soul Silver - a green Kakuna. Captured within the first 3:33 hours of playing the game.
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