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  1. You need a trade, right, SteelSlaughter? What game is the Honchkrow from? You just put D/P and I don't know which one to use... does it matter?
  2. How about this code, Knight? Made it through the wonderful PokeGen, so it should work. L + R to activate, it places the Arceus in Party Slot 1.
  3. I don't know how to check trash bytes, unfortunately. I think hatched Pokemon have to have certain ones, though, so... you should probably run it through the Trash Byte Normalizer.
  4. When I loaded it up, the hometown said Diamond. Maybe something was just wrong with the uploaded file, I don't know. But if the hometown was indeed Platinum, then it needs no changing.
  5. Let's see what I can do... @ Mikal: I can't make it totally legal, since I don't have the Trash Byte Normalizer. Do you want me to try making that? @ chaos_scrap: I don't know if I'm going to have to modify that code to format it correctly, but I'll try putting that on my AR... I've heard of problems with codes formatted incorrectly, though, and I really don't want to fix that. Posting the .pkm file would be nice. @ James007: I'll get to making those now~ EDIT: Actually, James, your requests are confusing me somewhat a lot because you put locations in both the met and hatched sections. Example, do you want that Moltres from an egg from Mt. Silver, hatched at Mt. Silver...? I'll PM people whenever I'm ready to trade.
  6. Yep, anything works, provided it is a hatched Pokemon.
  7. Preston's Last Activity: Mar 17th, 2010. Your post was made... 6 days ago, April 16, I think. It's safe to assume that the creator of this thread hasn't been on to modify that since you posted it...
  8. The Blaziken's hex are wrong... its original game is Diamond, right? Diamond used only the 85h value, 44h-47h started being used in Plat. So all of its values should be 00. Other than that, it looks good.
  9. FireRed and LeafGreen... the Jagged-Eared Pichu didn't even exist back then. Rip the game apart and look at all the data, it's not there. You could even simply check other sites, it is not obtainable in those games. The Jagged-Eared Pichu was released in Gen IV. Not III. How could you possibly get that mistaken? There's no place to go for it, Ilex Forest doesn't exist in those games. And that shouldn't have to be looked at, as it's dead obvious you can't get it in those games.
  10. You know, one thing that irks me with this, is that when loading a file, the Pokemon's met date and the like are overwritten with the current date. Not much of a problem, as all you need to do is type it in again, but I tend to forget. Maybe you could make it to where it doesn't do that when loading files? It is a bit unusual to see a Lv. 100 Weavile hatched the very same day, after all. Other than that, everything about this program is quite beneficial. :kikkoman:
  11. Yes, it should work after that. There's no reason I can think of that would cause otherwise. PM me whenever you want to do this.
  12. Since when can you get that Pichu in FireRed and LeafGreen?
  13. The username is "Codr". If you hit new posts, it should pop up... regardless, here is the link: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6424-Pokemon-Generator-%28Updated-for-HG-SS-%5BUS%5D%29 As for Pineco. Leondarkfury gave it a legal PID, as yours was not a real one, thus making Pineco hacked. Wild Pokemon must have a matching PID, you can't just generate something for it.
  14. Yeah, I know it's hard to make Pokemon at hours like that. I'd recommend not to, haha~ Also. Since I think Kunai's the only trader here, and a busy one at that, I can trade people their Pokemon. I'd appreciate it if requests were messaged to me, since I notice messages faster. Hope this lightens the duties of other workers. 'Course, I have about five, six tests coming up within the next few weeks. I took one this week, another's coming on Monday. Regardless, I never study... so I'll be around. Thanks, guys~
  15. I can do this for you. If you'd like me to, tell me. You would have to use my Jap. SS FC in my signature.
  16. All HG/SS locations are viewed as Farawayplace, in order to be compatible with D/P/Pt, which do not have Johto locations programmed into them. HG/SS rely on hex values to turn "Farawayplace" into an actual location. Please read the Hex Guide posted by Preston, found here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?218-%7EGuide-to-44h-45h-46h-47h-and-85h-Values%7E Male Pokemon have blue names, females have red. No gender Pokemon have green. Which one has a different PID? They all have different PIDs... I'll look for it and tell you the link when I find it.
  17. I didn't know Gyarados was legendary. Then these. Normal wild Pokemon, all mine. Really, EVs are applied only when you use a Pokemon in battle where it gains experience... Pidgeotto.pkm Sudowoodo.pkm Mareep.pkm Magnemite.pkm
  18. Right... please explain to me why each one of these files have no effort values. They have been extracted off my Heart Gold game, other than Kyogre, captured in the wild. Not hatched, wild. Effort values have no relevance to PIDs from wild Pokemon. Individual values have correlation, assuming that it's a wild Pokemon. Red Gyarados.pkm Hidden Tower Kyogre.pkm Roaming Entei.pkm Cerulean Cape Suicune - Worufu.pkm
  19. My, my. You should've included that in the first post from the start. All you'd have to do is look at the stats and copy them into party slots, though... There's also an application for converting storage files to party files, but I can't use it. You know, Macs. It's somewhere on these forums, but it's pretty old.
  20. That file doesn't have a legal location met, it's just a line. Should be Farawayplace. As for effort values, Leondarkfury... there's a such thing as Pokemon without effort values. Obviously, why else would EV-reducing berries exist? :\ Last I checked, the HG/SS Pokesav, English version, is not able to make working codes. There's a problem with the Game ID, I think. The ID Pokesav uses... is the Japanese one? ... Well, I know it doesn't work, I've tried it (On my N. American version, still, regions shouldn't be an issue in this case). Use something like Codr's Pokemon Generator, that can make all sorts of working codes. Been tested by plenty, it definitely does the trick.
  21. Overthinkingly is correct. Last I checked, hatched Pokemon's PIDs have no specific algorithm, thus easily can be shiny. Wild Pokemon, on the other hand, can be somewhat difficult to make shiny, unless you know how to do so.
  22. Johto doesn't give out any ribbons upon going through Indigo Plateau. Maybe you're referring to the Legend Ribbon you get upon defeating Red?
  23. As per request, here is your Snorlax's file. Tritlo Snorlax.pkm
  24. The 44h and 45h would be the same as D/P/Pt: 44h is D0, 45h is 07. 86h would be 04 for hatched HG/SS Pokemon, since they're in a Pokeball. And 85h would be 00, yes.
  25. Wow. Congrats on making such an amazing tool. It automatically finds hex for you, has a great shiny generator, and has several other sweet bits. I think the ribbon images are kind of neat, haha. A Mac version would be nice, though I'm able to run this through the assistance of CrossOver. But yeah, awesome work here. I'll probably be using this over Pokesav, it's much more independent. 5 stars~
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