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  1. I don't know how you judge "legal" when referring to obtaining Pokémon, but there is another "official" way of getting Jirachi: I'm referring to the sorely unfulfilling GameCube title "Pokémon Channel". If you managed to survive a week of that title (real-time), then you were rewarded with Jirachi coming to visit, and that then unlocked an option on the title menu to send Jirachi to a GBA, via the transfer cable. You can then use the Pal Park to transfer Jirachi from the GBA cartridge to Diamond or Pearl (also Platinum). Although I haven't actually tried it myself, as I reset the saves in my GBA games long before I got a DS, and life is too short to experience Pokémon Channel again, I'm sure it should work, and I don't see how obtaining Jirachi via this method would be deemed "illegal" as you'd be using Nintendo approved methods.
  2. Hello. I want to edit my Pokémon Diamond and PEarl saves to include the event items, so as to get the special Pokémon. (Platinum I'm okay due to the official events being broadcast over the internet.) I could do this on my PC, but it died and I'm now running on an Intel Mac with OS X 10.5.8 and although I've been on it for over a year now I've never been able to get NetCat to work. I've tried installing it via an online guide, but when I get to the stage of downloading and installing NetCat itself through the Terminal it doesn't. I really don't want to install Windows on my Mac, so any help, I'd be greatly appreciative. I have been trying to use SavSender, but don't know if I should be using SavSender 1.1 or an alternative for this. If there are any stand alone apps or easier alternatives to this, I'd be open to suggestions. For example I own 2 DSs and 2 Flash Cards, is there a way of sending my save from my proper Pokémon to the SD card of the other DS with a Flash Card in it? PS, I've followed guides online for NetCat, and they all end up the same way. And frankly are hard to follow. If anyone has a step-by-step of their personal experience in getting it working, that would be better. Thanks.
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