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  1. Heh... hey, I'm a young person here (Under 14? Yeah.) Say something like "I can't stand some young forum members." Not all of them are as bad as you claim, haha. I've never used 'retarded' as a word to describe anything. I'd love to sometimes, but, hey. As the commercials at school say, "The new R-word is respect."
  2. I use Safari. It's not bad, but it does get kinda slow at times. I also use Opera since Safari comes up with errors on some sites. Opera works there.
  3. I usually use Quick Balls. Like their name says, they're... quick. I also use Dusk, Luxury, and Timer Balls. And if I think the Pokemon I'm going to catch is special enough, I'll try and get it in a Premier Ball. Like my Suicune off Colosseum.
  4. I mainly listen to: -Three Days Grace -My Chemical Romance -Avenged Sevenfold -Simple Plan -Mindless Self Indulgence -Fall Out Boy
  5. Thanks a bunch, Ray. That trade helped save a lot of time.
  6. Hey, Ray? If I've already made the code for a Pokemon, could I tell you the code for it and have you trade it to me? I type the codes out by hand (I use a Mac. There's no AR Manager for it.) and it takes a while, so yeah...
  7. DSi features would probably be like... using the camera to put a picture on your Trainer Card (Unlikely, but yeah.) or using an SD card to store Pokemon. The features shouldn't be imperative for someone to like the game, though. It shouldn't matter much.
  8. Yep. That's right. @Naru-Chu You're sure it doesn't increase chances? I've used the Stone before and I'm positive it does.
  9. When you breed, it only passes down the male's moves. In this case, it passed down the male Dragonite's Outrage. Gible was the female, so Stone Edge and Earthquake couldn't get passed down.
  10. Wow. I hope they make a new Gold/Silver, not a new PBR or something. That'd be awesome if they did get a remake. As long as the remake is longer and harder than the original.
  11. Since the codes are only 35 lines long, I can check them pretty easily. No mistakes that I could find. I would really love just copying and pasting codes, heh. But I use a Mac instead of a Windows, so it's pretty much impossible to do that. The spot where you insert the Code Manager Disk is different than a Window's, and the disk won't be detected if I put it in. I read something on the old Pokesav.org and it said that if the game doesn't see your Pokemon as a genuine one, it'll come out as a bad egg. I just don't get why mine didn't pass that if everything was in the legal boundaries.
  12. First shiny: Gyarados on G/S/C. My first actual random shiny was either my Electrike on Ruby or Entei on Colosseum.
  13. Does anyone know what exactly makes a code for a Pokemon come out as a Bad Egg? I recently made a Garchomp that had normal stats, IVs, EVs, Hex Values, etc and it turned out as a Bad Egg. I enter these codes by hand, so it's not exactly worth 15 minutes of typing to get a Bad Egg... So does anyone know? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I have one... I mainly got it to put music on it, though. It's pretty cool, though. You can go on the Internet, play music, take pictures, and so on.
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