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  1. Was Yanmega a hatched Pokemon or a wild one? Wild ones are a loooot harder IMO to make. It's vital to know for it being shiny.
  2. Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year - Fall Out Boy. That's a long title. >_> Most of their songs need shorter names... meh.
  3. Here you go, reye. L + R, Plat, Box 1, Slot 1. Any mistakes or things like that? Just tell me.
  4. Hope you like them. If you need any other events, just say so and I might have them.
  5. Alright, I'm getting them right now. Should be read within 5 minutes. What's your FC? Mine's in my sig.
  6. OS X Leopard.
  7. @ itsmacko: Check this thread for D/P codes. It has an IV-checking code: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5 @ YELLZO: I'll get started on that now. EDIT: Here... L + R to use, Plat, and they'll go in Box 1, Slots 1-3. Any errors? Tell me and I'll change them.
  8. Thanks for the list, Wylfred. I can't open the file on my Mac because it's an .xls, but I'm downloading an app that should hopefully be able to read it...
  9. Are you talking about Pika-Colored Pichu and Arceus? If so, I can get you some...
  10. @ Parma: I don't know anything about modifying the Hex of Pokemon... yeah. @ reye: Now I am.
  11. I think I could make one for the 3 birds in Pokesav, but I have no clue how to make the other ones. There's actually a lot of people out there looking for rebattle codes.
  12. Go here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=10 Like I said earlier, it doesn't have any re-battle codes... but there's some other nice ones.
  13. A Thunderstone? I have one that I don't need... do you want one traded to you?
  14. I was working on an essay. Sorry. >_> Can you just PM me whenever you're ready? My email starts playing music when I get a new PM here, so I'll know.
  15. @ Dzyple: Here... Pearl, L + R, and the 3 will go in Box 1, SLots 1-3. Any changes you need? Tell me. @ reye: Yeah, I'll go look for it now. EDIT: Found the code. Does it matter what date Weavile was received on?
  16. @ Dzyple: I don't think MYSTRY Mew can be shiny, and I'm pretty sure 10 ANIVs can, but I don't know how to make them legal shinies. We used to have shiny 10 ANIV files here, but they got taken down. I'll just go ahead and make the code now. @ reye: Yeah, I can, if I can find my AR that has that code on it (I have 3 ARs, lol)
  17. O_o It's doing that to me, too. I'm guessing it's the page that's doing it, not the computer.
  18. @ reye: Actually, I don't think it works like that. I've tried doing that before, and it doesn't work... And no problem, if you ever need them separate just tell me. Sometimes it's faster like that. @ Dzyple: I can make them, but Celebi and Mew wouldn't be legal. Is that alright?
  19. I can't use ARDS Code Manager on my Mac, so I really have no experience with that program. I just type all my codes by hand. Maybe this guide will help you?
  20. Aarux


    Welcome to the forums, Zero. I'm Aarux. It's not strange at all for an 18-year old to play Pokemon, and I think there are quite a few here in the 20s that still play. Pokemon's a lifelong thing, ha. Anyway, hope you enjoy your time around here. (Cool avatar, BTW)
  21. Maybe the Pokemon you made was illegal in some way. That might be why it turned out as a Bad Egg. Did you enter the code manually or use ARDS Code Manager?
  22. @ Canadiensfan: Alrighty, I'll get that code for you ASAP. EDIT: Here... this code gives you the WC for Shaymin and makes the guy at the PokeMart give you one. I'm not too sure if the WC'll turn out right, since my computer didn't read the 'é' correctly... but I think I fixed it. Plat, L + R. @ itsmacko: Now that I look at the codes, I know why they don't work... those are for Diamond/Pearl. The 'B21C4D28' mean that it's for D/P. I'm pretty sure there's not a code for those in Plat yet, since if it was, it'd be in the official code thread.
  23. Holy crap, a lotta new posts. @_@ @ reye: I'll make those 2 in a sec. EDIT: Thanks for getting those codes for itsmacko. Less work for me, lol And here's your code. I just put them both in one code, if you don't mind. Gardevoir goes in Box 1, Slot 1, and Gallade goes in Slot 2. L + R, Plat. Any mistakes? Tell me. @ Canadiensfan: You mean the TRU Shaymin? @ itsmacko: I'll check if I can find any codes that activate those events. @ skarmory12: I can't make Pokemon modifier codes. But I can give you a code for 3 Burmy, all different forms, if you need that...
  24. @ SwitzaHouse: I don't think there's a code yet, but I know some members that can find SID for ya. @ Canadiensfan: I'll get started on that now. EDIT: Here's the code... L + R to use, Pearl, and it'll go in Box 1, Slot 1.
  25. It'll change just like any normal Pokemon.
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