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  1. The memories are wrong. If you have your own bred Pokemon, I'd recommend using those as templates for editing.
  2. Are you saying there is an alternative software similar to PKHeX for Mac users out there? If so, I'd be interested in hearing what it's called.
  3. Unsure if this is the proper spot to ask, but is there any way to differentiate a forced Kalos shiny from a legit one? I've stayed out of trading shiny Pokemon lately due to the risk of receiving a forced shiny. I've been told trash bytes get changed, but no one I asked could actually provide any proof/confirmation from an expert.
  4. What does the message "Invalid egg receive date." mean? An RNG'ed Feebas from a trade said that, as well as a Houndour I RNG bred myself. Does it have to do with dates in the future? Both of them had future dates (April 23, 2013 and June 25, 2011 respectively).
  5. You mean the Day-Care Couple, right? I can, but you said "Egg (Yes or No): yes", so... typo? All right. Much better... I already have the others made, I just need to get those two. Yeah, it's a lot easier to look at now that there's less words. Now. I have some of these finished. This one is for Lucario, Typhlosion, Squirtle, and Smeargle. Press Select. Box 2, Slots 1-4. For Soul Silver. Everything worked out all right for these guys. The three Crown beasts. Select. Box 2, Slots 5-7. For Soul Silver. No problems here, either. And Webster's Spearow, Satoshi Pikachu, Pichu, and the other Pikachu. Select, Box 2, Slots 8-11. Soul Silver. Problematic request here. Spiky-Ears, as far as I know, can't be shiny... maybe it can, I don't know. The Pikachu can't know both Surf and Fly, but... meh. Made it shiny, since it's already hacked. Also, I had no clue what you meant with the "COMBINE THE ELECTRIC TYPE WITH EITHER SURF OR FLY" thing, so I just threw something in... please post the exact nick next time, even if you have to look it up. I'm no good at guessing. Yeah, I know. I was talking about D/P/Pt... I sure hope I'm not missing anyone. Speak up if I am, these requests are starting to pop up more often, and I tend to miss things.
  6. All right, I'll do those after I finish your current previous requests. Also. Next time you request, please use this format, it's straight-to-the-point and much easier to look at: Actually, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, editing those requests into this format would definitely help me make it now, since I'm getting confused over just about all of your requests from the different form. Yep, I have this one ready for you, one Pokemon's a piece of cake. Platinum, Select, Box 7, Slot 5. Growlithe... uh. You say it's in an egg? Eggs can't come from Sandgem, can't have a hatched location when it's not hatched, or be in a Park Ball. Lapras can only be caught in Victory Road in D/P/Pt, so the Moon Ball isn't available... I think that was it, but I might have missed something.
  7. Make one from scratch or edit a Pokemon you have? Either way, I can. You're at the right place. Request away. I'll get started on this as soon as I can. No prob, I should send one soon, since I got the Celebi on my game and just need to extract the files for editing. Also, little note to everyone, I'm going out for a while tonight so these requests would be finished either tomorrow or late today.
  8. Aw man. I think I'm about finished with your request, Tracy. That many Pokemon took a while to make. This one has Lucario, Typhlosion, Squirtle, Smeargle, and Ditto. Select to use, and it's for Soul Silver. Box 2, Slots 1-5. And this is for the three Regi's... Select, Soul Silver, and Box 2, Slots 6-8. I'll add the fixed Typhlosion with the Legend Ribbon here... Soul Silver, Select, Box 2, Slot 9. There's probably an error somewhere, I made these when I was half-asleep. But you can test them out and look them over. I'm still making the other Pokemon. And I don't know if I can get the apricorn code, if there's one out there, then I'll post it. But I don't make codes like that. All right. Made it, tell me when you're on. I'll make these for you. I just need to get some with the correct natures off my game, so they're completely legal. By the way, Bassman, editing the nature changes the PID, thus invalidating the Pokemon... so you'd have to pick up one with the correct nature in-game and base it off that. Ex. Take a legit event Legality has registered, edit the nature, and see if it still passes, it shouldn't.
  9. red, here you go. They're for Platinum, L + R. They don't look like the ones from the events, you know, because you're asking for them to be way different. But they'll still activate the events. I didn't really bother with the stats this time, I can't with PC codes. I can tell you Suicune's attack is a lot less than you wanted, because Suicune is a defensive Pokemon. Everything else is normal. Suicune is in Box 17, Slot 1. Shaymin is in Box 16, Slot 1. And Tracy. That makes it simpler, thanks. All right, I'll try to get some of those done... I'll post whenever they're ready or if I have a problem. Just a note, any Pokemon can get Pokerus without a negative result, you know.
  10. That's your best bet. He has a lot of requests, you know. Whoa, that was a lot. Let's see... you're trying to make them look as realistic as possible, right? The OT can only be seven characters. Pokefreak@ is... ten. The legit maximum for contest stats is perfect, but there are plenty of people that take that as a hacked sign. Do you want me to just fill out something reasonable, or just stick with the max...? Spearow. It has a set PID, so it can't be shiny without messing with its legitimacy. And I'm pretty sure it didn't have any egg moves, but if you really want me to put some on, and screw over the integrity, I'll go ahead. Uh. There's a lot of other small things. Most of the confusion is caused by not using the requested format and legality things, actually. I'll be winging most of this... And last thing to note, I don't know how to make .pgt codes for HG/SS. So these would all be in your PC... but what game do you need these for? Both HG and SS, I'm thinking? I don't know how to convert codes... RASN does, so maybe you should ask him. Why don't you just generate the code for Heart Gold and not Platinum?
  11. Do you want these to be as realistic as possible? It sort of looks like you do, but there a couple problems... if not I'll just make them as you stated. And red, that really shouldn't be here. This is a Pokemon request thread. Ask RASN in his thread.
  12. 86h won't be filled in. Because, you know, Platinum is the origin.
  13. The happiness might be it... when x82nd used the first egg, it had 70 happiness, in this case it'd be the steps, and it didn't hatch. So I changed it to one and it worked fine. So you might want to change it.
  14. As per request, I have changed the nature to Timid. Here it is. And to Bassman... could you upload the file? If the ID, SID, and PID are the only things you changed, I'm thinking it shouldn't have been a problem.
  15. I don't respond to older requests since I don't know if half of them got finished or not. Reposting them helps, thanks. They're ready to trade. Tell me whenever you're ready.
  16. Traded Pokemon use the hex from the game they originated from. So you'd put it in according to Platinum here. And yeah, its 85h is 00.
  17. Certain eggs take a long time to hatch... do you have a Pokemon with Flame Body, and is the egg at the top of your party? Here's the same egg, just with its steps reduced as low as I could get it.
  18. And that's exactly why I hide my important stuff from my mom. Learn and live, eh? Yup. Same game, activation, box 1, slot 1. 21 lines. As short as I can get it.
  19. Yep. If you need any changes give me a shout.
  20. Ready. I'll head in now. FC's in my signature. EDIT: All right, your SID is 27026. And here is the egg. It should hatch into a shiny. Although I'm not sure if you can transfer eggs through the GTS... but I can't use it, so I wouldn't know.
  21. Well, I'm just doing requests... refreshed the Request forum, here this was, so... Platinum. Party slot 1. L + R. I filled in what you didn't specify as I saw fit.
  22. I could make this... but I just did an experiment for hatching a shiny, and turns out it will not hatch shiny unless I have both your TID and SID. I could find your SID if you trade me a Pokemon. So would you want to trade me something to find the SID for an egg, or just have the hatched Charmander?
  23. Platinum code, right? Are you sure you don't want to spiff it up more? I mean, it is Johanna's... you'd think it would have some ribbons, or contest stats. Haha.
  24. Oh yeah. The disc. I lost that, too... but I bought another. Six ARs, anyone? Have you tried downloading the software off the Internet?
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