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  1. [video=youtube;hvvjiE4AdUI] THIS VIDEO ACTUALLY ROCKS!!
  2. I don't bother with arceus/dialga/giratina/palkia, I just use those colours
  3. That happened to me. Just buy a new micro sdhc, not a flashcart
  4. Of course, I have to like Magikarp, so my worst pokemon is WYNUT.
  5. Wait, the r4i card at the bottom of the page is real (I have it), but it requires a micro SDHC (4GB or more memory).
  6. I don't think so, but I know how to change the form. Open nitro explorer (google it),then poketool, then pokerega, then pl_potherpoke.narc Extract it, open it with pokedspic platinum, scroll to the last giratina to get the right palette (anoing).
  7. OK, what I mean by this is in whirl islands, i've made it so you encountor the shadow lugia sprite. I've also got the poke file and pokeTEX for HG/SS attached. I need some help working the pokerega.narc :frown: Could someone help me? Poketex hgss.zip
  8. What if there was a flashcart with an infa-red recevier on it?
  9. Also there are new things in HG/SS that use the 3d differently. E.g.:When you go into sprout tower and the pokethon biulding. It changes the camera view on the 3 dimensions.
  10. Are you using the DP list.txt Is so rename the listpt.txt to list.txt
  11. If your doing this, can you attach the list.txt please?
  12. Could someone make a list.txt for pokeTEX HG/SS? please attach it!
  13. This does nothing except change my name to ???? P.S: I'm using KazoWAR's english patch, does that effect it?
  14. couldn't yoou get the text from crystal an put it in hg/ss in a patch?
  15. You need an SDHC (4GB or over) and the aac thing means m4a, 3gp or mp4 music files (not mp3 )
  16. <p><p><p><p><p>Your evil togepi avatar was awesome!</p></p></p></p></p>

  17. Manually (don't know why), but also strait to the DPP sav file.
  18. OK, if I put a Darkrai (legit or not) onto a save or a ARDS code, it will appear as a bad egg (I hatched one!). Now, Darkrai is one of my favourite pokemon, so this is quite annoying for me.:frown: What is it with pokesav and Darkrai?
  19. Exscuse me Septfox, but the link for tile moleseter as no actual EXE file, so how do you use it?
  20. It would be cool if the miggle of the pokeball was the camera!
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