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  1. You can change gender, Name, etc via pokesavAlways keep a backup, safety is not guaranteed. (The FC is determined by DS and will change as soon as a different DS is accessing the save, it will not affect wifi by any means) This is definitely a save you can trade your previous save stuff too, just make sure you know what your doing when transferring pokemon, its a long and weary process when modifying pokemon (well for me at least, i have tons of pokemons)
  2. try another converter then, im not very familiar with emulators
  3. im using action replay format http://www.shunyweb.info/convert.php use this to convert the save to no$gba which should be on the bottom of the list ill put on thread
  4. I tried using my SS save and it says "Invalid File" on the status bar I'm just wondering if this was meant for just DPPt or if the creators are working on a HG/SS version of this thanks in advance
  5. I am not going to continue trying to complete this game as I got lazy. Since my mom crashed my computer (along with my backup saves) I haven't had any ounce of motivation left in me to complete this save completely. By now the game should be at least enjoyable to those who've already played and lost their save as I have. I don't feel like taking this save I've uploaded and completing that for real either, and according to the save its less than 79%. Plus this should be more than enough to more easily 100% complete it yourself soo... have fun!... The percentage next to the title is how much is actually completed ■□REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE TRAINER ID, NAME & BASIC ETC STUFF SO YOU AIN'T ME WHEN YOU PLAY□■ The listed below is what I've done in my previous (deleted and gone) save not the one currently uploaded ■ Trainer Card ■ Badges/Elite4/Red ■ Pokedex ■ Items/Key Items/via Dousing Machine □ Trainer Rematch/Gifts □ Gym Leader Rematch □ In-Game Trades (Gym Leader Trades) ■ Gift Pkmns □ Pokegear (Blue's # via Massage) ■ Legends/Sinjoh/Celebi/Spiky ■ Ruins of Alph ■ Safari Zone ■ Pokewalker □ Daily Events (SS Aqua Kanto to Johto/Indigo Rematch Mon-Wed/Clefairy Mt. Moon) □ Pokeathelon (Hurdle Dash 80.0/Pennant Capture 50) Battle Frontier ■ Tower (Single 105/Double 7/Multi 0/WiFi Rank 1) □ Factory ■ Arcade ■ Castle □ Hall I am recommending you download this save file ONLY if you've already gotten all the badges (which pretty much sums up the game) and are too lazy to 100% complete it yourself. NOTE:: All of MY pokemon will be removed except for one in party & 2 HM slaves in storage. Pokesav/Pokegen your own or trade/breed legits. I worked hard on my pokemon and I feel that the accomplishment of having your first kickass team(s) should be gained individually and not just handed to you. SavFormat: Action Replay Max DS (.duc) CONVERT YOUR SAVE IF NOT USING ABOVE FORMAT PKMN SS 60%.rar
  6. yeah, now all i have t do is pokeathelon and it will be 100 % completed hold on no, i have to fight the rest of the tycoons in the battlefrontier
  7. thanks for the help and the offer, but I'd like to finish it myself I think I'll use the AR code after i get 49 streak, which is just about to happen probably by tomorrow
  8. It depends on the person playing, I completed the National Dex, doused Johto & Kanto, got pokegear upgrades & numbers, and all legendaries (not event ones though) in about a week or so. Now I have to finish the trainer card, only have about 4 of 5 stars, now only god knows when I'll be able to get a 100 winning streak... plus spring break is over so i wont have a lot of time on my hands anymore...
  9. once I finish I will. Hope you guys know how to use pokesav just got all pokegear numbers btw
  10. alright, this was a big help, thanks guys
  11. not completely... I can't edit rival name, the Pokedexes you can get, Events, Accessories, Pokegear stuff, seals, pal park, and poffins? The thing that edits the pokeball the pokemon was caught in wont change when you load the save, it will just say "Pokeball" instead of the name of the ball you used like the Dive or the Moonball also, the locations are Sinnoh region when editing where my pokemon are located, any johto areas like route 17 and etc are called "Faraway Place" when the save is loaded... These issues probably have already been noted but i cant find and don't feel like putting anymore than the hours I've already put into trying to find anything on this... yes I am a really bad searcher, if there's anything that can help with like the hex/dec values of the above said, please send me a link so I can make AR changes w/o needing pokesav, might be a bit more complicated but as long as it works, I'm okay w/ it
  12. I'm on my way to making a 100% save for soul silver, heh... all i need is the pokegear upgrades, pokegear numbers, and rewards for rematching other trainers, as well as in game trades and side quests I also got all badges and pokedex finished though, oh yeah, also doused the entire Johto/Kanto regions and dungeons/caves
  13. OH SNAP!!! yeah that game was fun, i don't really know what to say about it aside from that it brought back memories when I saw my N64 buried in my box of old stuff what about you guys?
  14. the rom wont even load without crashing the program
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