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  1. [video=youtube;hvvjiE4AdUI] THIS VIDEO ACTUALLY ROCKS!!
  2. I don't bother with arceus/dialga/giratina/palkia, I just use those colours
  3. That happened to me. Just buy a new micro sdhc, not a flashcart
  4. Of course, I have to like Magikarp, so my worst pokemon is WYNUT.
  5. Wait, the r4i card at the bottom of the page is real (I have it), but it requires a micro SDHC (4GB or more memory).
  6. I don't think so, but I know how to change the form. Open nitro explorer (google it),then poketool, then pokerega, then pl_potherpoke.narc Extract it, open it with pokedspic platinum, scroll to the last giratina to get the right palette (anoing).
  7. OK, what I mean by this is in whirl islands, i've made it so you encountor the shadow lugia sprite. I've also got the poke file and pokeTEX for HG/SS attached. I need some help working the pokerega.narc :frown: Could someone help me? Poketex hgss.zip
  8. What if there was a flashcart with an infa-red recevier on it?
  9. Also there are new things in HG/SS that use the 3d differently. E.g.:When you go into sprout tower and the pokethon biulding. It changes the camera view on the 3 dimensions.
  10. Are you using the DP list.txt Is so rename the listpt.txt to list.txt
  11. If your doing this, can you attach the list.txt please?
  12. Could someone make a list.txt for pokeTEX HG/SS? please attach it!
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