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  1. I had to make a thread over this. Since I think it would be good for future feedback for this site and what could come from me in the future in terms of Events. And my thoughts on the site I've had on my mind lately. This may seem like complaining in some bits, but it just might save some time for people wanting to be a part of the Staff here and what they could be getting into. People still ask me what's going on with Pokemon with Generation 6 and why I'm never around these parts anymore. I'll put this in PPorg Feedback since I think it can be useful. So here it goes: Demotion: After being inactive for a matter of 4-5 months with changing my forum color to regular mode. I was booted off the Staff without any Former Staff badge at all for my usergroups. And my access to the Event Gallery had been denied on the site. Before I wanted to go back as Normal Member for many reasons, but I changed my mind before anything happened. So I don't really count that instance anymore. I can understand the whole changing the usergroup thing. I did this since I knew I wouldn't be doing much of anything with the new generation of games as of now. But most people on the Staff are kind of inactive already due to not being able to anything with that current generation as of now. I will not mention names, but I was told more than once by different members that it's not a big deal to be inactive since nothing was going on around that time even. And it definitely seemed like that too. I figured that much was fine. Don't get me wrong, I don't program so I can't really develop anything. So I'm useful with things like Events or images, and correcting any problems there might be. I have worked very hard with the forum getting events out there finding them / getting images done for forum usage and Gallery. I was surprised to come back and not even have a Former Staff badge of all things ever since 2009ish and really 2010ish when I really started getting into Events. Believe me, I've had far worse of a time on a different community leaving on bad terms. In the end I wasn't credited for any of my work just because the guy wanted to stick it to me. And always used that kind of excuse where, "If you're on Staff, you don't need Credit." I was also really active too before late September. And I would try ban Spambot posters with my usergroup rights since 2012ish when it started happening. It was just the whole interest part with nothing to do right now killing it for me. I also don't have any kind of beefs with anyone. And all Staff seemed pretty nice. While I might not enjoy the site like I used to, it's serving it's purpose nicely somewhat still. Contributions: Don't get me wrong, Japanese events were my main attraction. And there were only a few times when I'd do anything with other Regions. The Japanese Events aren't too popular over time. Especially with the this site being English based for one. While coming to the site with my access gone for the Gallery and having most English Distribution images done now. I think I'm good for not having the access. And I think I'm good for not having a Staff position now, just so this kind of thing doesn't happen again. But what I could suggest is better lists of contributions of the Gallery. Not so much for who contributed what Event since it could be time consuming, but I liked that about Sabresite's Database. With my ideas I've contributed and being somewhat of a partner. When this whole thing happened it seemed like I had never contributed a thing but "Thanks over the years", even though I tried helping out trying to get it back up when Alpha's version broke somewhere along the line. Giving ideas for advertising it on the forum more, as a link to it in the Event Pokemon forum, and contributing my Generation 5 Distribution pictures (Serebii seems to be credited for those on G6 placeholder pages for Events, so I don't see what kind of big deal that would be putting credit there. Nice touch though). And maybe ideas for those thumbnails for the Wonder Card mugs. Even though the credit goes to Guested fully for making those. I suppose my main stuff can be found on the Forum posts. My favorite part of contributing to this site. No hard feelings, and one less thing with dirty work I'd have to do correcting an image link, info, or Card data itself. Generation 6: If I ever do anything with G6, it'll be strictly no image only for Events. And only for fans trying to enjoy events. That was my previous purpose for joining these forums back when HG/SS were released. And if I can do this again with this Generation, I probably will. Recruiting Newer Staff: I liked that idea of having Staff openings for people. The only thing I could suggest is to ask people that looks like they might be wanting it. Instead of a Member having to ask for a position. I hated doing this, especially when I would put so much into it out of my own free time. I would also try to include people that aren't program makers, and even people just trying to do Event stuff and keeping up with it with religously. Besides that. I'm doing perfectly fine, I've had some other interests lately, so it fills the void of having something to do. I wish the site and it's Forums the best for anyone still enjoying as much I have in the past. For anyone that I've interacted with, or simply liked what I was doing. I've had a blast. And for any help I might have had for corrections or submissions, I'm grateful to this day still. I wouldn't call this Goodbye. It's more like I'm just putting it on the backburner for now. I just won't be around as much as I want to be here, and if anything does happen in the future. You may see me around a lot more.
  2. I'll take that Former Staff badge. Thanks.
  3. <p><p><p><p><p><p>I like your avatar <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p></p>

  4. You can use a homebrew application with just about any DS Flash Cart called, "GBA Backup Tool", if you're using a DS or DS Lite. It'll allow you to backup and restore the game save from and to a retail cartridge.There are alternative ways to backup a GBA retail cart save file. GameShark v1/2 & ARv3 can do this. There's also a cable you could make which is an mbv cable, but you'd have to have older operating system running for it to work.
  5. Usually until xfr comes back and adds our WCs to his legality analysis feature. You can always be sure that WFC Events are automatically added to it.
  6. This should be everything as of 12/5/2012. Musical.zip
  7. You'd have to add the ID in manually. Programs won't do it for you. Only actually acquiring a Wonder Card outside of save injection will use the ID system.
  8. Normally when you actually acquire a Wonder Card legitimately. The ID would've been used up. Yes, if you want to keep things as legit as possible. You should definitely add the ID in, it doesn't affect anything else really. But if you were to acquire the actual Wonder Card of it, you'd be able to do so again this way.
  9. C-Gear Gallery .cgb"] .cgb"] Direct Links: .cgb"]Black Kyurem .cgb"]White Kyurem
  10. Certainly helped me get pictures I needed faster for Event / Gallery stuff when I didn't have the actual data, and it's the only instance where I'd do something like that. Bugs that had to be corrected or not. I don't have to fumble around with a Hex Editor this way for screenshot purposes. I agree with you in a sense, not many people are doing this sort of thing, and it probably has prevented any "modified" Cards from happening 2012 when the feature was implemented onward. evandixon had a point, since DP Pokesav we've had this kind of feature. And it's a real shame that people try to modify actual WCs like that. I was thinking maybe have a lock feature via checkbox on PGME, just as another precaution for people not to blindly edit something. But I'm sure certain kinds of people will want to do this for the wrong reason. Especially if they'd share it outside of what they're doing privately.But one example I can think of is correcting the dates on a Wonder Card. If the date is a blank one or one before the Event on a Generation 5 Card, it will be acquired on the card date for the Pokemon. Hence not being legal, and an extra step to "modify" Pokemon data. My previous post still stands with what I think. People have enjoyed this program in the past, and I really think some people want to use a program that only does Wonder Card injection and exportation and having nothing else modified on a save. Nothing personal. Let me know, I might not be a programmer. But I definitely can bug test more further, especially for future revisions.
  11. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hi <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/happy.png" alt="^_^" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/happy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p></p>

  12. It's nice to see an old face around here again. While it's been a while, it's too bad you weren't around a little longer. There are some major flaws with the program for BW support because of newer Wonder Cards especially. There's also one minor bug with G4 that isn't really much of a major problem. Hopefully they can be fixed one day. While PokeGen added this feature a year ago, there were still some flaws that I've encountered that matched problems that were in the "Wonder Card Map" on the Wiki at one point some time ago (IVs). I've stopped using this program and that one, I've been resorting to other programs just to be safe when saving Wonder Cards. Main Program: Tabs: Sometimes the program won't open the Card loaded in the tab, and you will have to re-close the tab and reload the Wonder Card. Generation 4: Wonder Card image transparency: Not accurate with the way the games have the transparency with the background image of Wonder Cards. Generation 5: Card type / Zero-out prompt: It would be nice if this was more in-depth with information based on newer Wonder Cards. There have been a lot of changes with these since the last update for this program. And this caused a major flaw down the road with zeroing out values. You can definitely get rid of this, since they use all different values for this address now. I also think that the Card information if it's a Pokemon type should always be displayed. And some of the new addresses for things like Shiny checks should be added in the program. Mixed up IVs: Certain IVs are mixed up I believe, I forget which specific ones. Again, the wiki information wasn't right, and PokeGen had this problem too in it's infancy with which ones were really set for a certain amount too. These things happen though with mix ups and it's completely understandable. I've only seen it when saving a Card based on an Event when a specific IV was set for 31. Saving Cards with set IVs: Several people, including myself at one point had this issue. Sometimes when the program saves the Card. It doesn't save the way the IVs were set when originally loaded into the program. I'm not sure when this instance occurs, but it can happen. This is about it unless someone else has found anymore problems. I would definitely try to make it in such a way where you can save the card without modifying the data for the Card. People have enjoyed this program in the past, and I really think some people want to use a program that only does Wonder Card injection and exportation. I'm sure you can think of other features for the program. Wonder Card images would be nice for G5. Cards are different these days though, and have preset text for Cards. Instead, made-up text is displayed when you acquire a Wonder Card now. So maybe something can be done with that and different sprite data when acquiring a Card. Other than B2W2 support, this is the only thing I can think of for a new feature.
  13. C-Gear Gallery <- Updated for Red Genesect Direct Links: Red Genesect (BW) Red Genesect (B2W2)
  14. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15282-Gen-V-Event-Collection-and-Contribution-Thread&p=163360&viewfull=1#post163360
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